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  1. OWB Kydex holsters

    Travis at Buzzards Bay Tactical can make you whatever you need. :)
  2. Protection Dogs on the news tonight

    Very impressive!!
  3. Scrivener on WHJJ 920

    I just listened to Yelena, and although I have never met her, she continues to impress me.. :)
  4. New Guy

  5. What do you carry when you dont want to carry

    kel-tec, because it fits in my front pocket, no matter how tight my jeans are, and I have a cute little red pepper spray thingy that matches my purse .. When I was bartending, I carried something bigger
  6. Youth Rifle League??

    I'm coming from New bedford, so Taunton, Fall River, and possibly Mansfield are the places I will check out. He has been shooting for 2 years, and ir pretty good, even for a lefty with a bolt action rifle...[wink] I am just looking for something organized for him, because he has asked.
  7. Youth Rifle League??

    Thanks everyone..
  8. Youth Rifle League??

    I am looking for youth rifle program/team/league for my son. He is 11.. Does anyone know of anything in the SE Mass area?
  9. Oil lamps

    The Fairhaven Walmart carries the lamps and oil in the scented candle section, bottom shelf..
  10. i'm hungry..... Favorite Range Bag Snacks!!!!!!!

    Coffee..just coffee...
  11. Family fun day

    They also used lead in house paint back then, doesn't mean it was a good idea.. Piss-poor safety practices are why people get hurt.
  12. Family fun day

    My kids aren't even allowed near a range without eye and ear protection... If nothing else, you could have at least let him wear your wife's sunglasses.. I am a huge advocate of bringing kids to the range and allowing them to shoot when it's done safely, so i applaud your intent, but it was a...
  13. RANT: Let me shoot your gun.

    I really hope this is a joke, or poor sarcasm at best, because if not, it has to be the most paranoid ridiculous thing I have ever read.
  14. Apparently your Cell number is not private...

    when I enter mine it just says wireless caller, but it shows up as my husband's full name through caller id..
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