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  1. Dont you hate when you get hot brass down your shirt? and someone is video tapinG?

    actually a few months back i caught a 45 brass behind my safety glasses. it just cleared the frame and sat in the corner of my eye and sizzled. I just took the burn cus I was shooting (M&P9c, my friend next to me was shooting a 1911) and didn't want to swing a firearm at the range in panic. left...
  2. Best M&P magazine prices ??

    just got mine in the mail from greg.. best service.. awesome price.. my new place for mags. http://gregcotellc.com/cart/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=108&zenid=8357bc16c0969bc5953f09b7989ea8a1
  3. M&P c Grip extension question

    I called S&W they sent me one.. best customer service..
  4. WWII Vet Shoots 5" Group at 1000 Yards

    real american!
  5. M&P 45c prospects looking dim

    I want one too!
  6. Shooting ear muffs, anyone have a set they really like

    just picked up the surefires heading to the range soon, to try them. Gave them a go at a loud rock metal show this weekend and they were amazing.
  7. Mossberg 590 a1 sp

    awesome.. I should be ordering it in a week or two.. I really am excited.
  8. Hard time dressing for the ladies when carrying IWB or thunderwear at work?

    move the IWB holster to 5-6 o'clock.with the ladies. I do this.. and it works well. I'm 5'11" 215lbs.
  9. Mossberg 590 a1 sp

    Thank you! -jeffg
  10. Mossberg 590 a1 sp

    In a few weeks I am planning on purchasing a shotgun. I have decided on Mossberg and was wondering if anyone can tell me about the 590 A1 special purpose? I know that I would like the 9rd version and in standard stock no pistol grip. At least not yet. I rather learn and use it as is first. Is...
  11. S&W M&P9C ????

    my EDC love it.. no trigger job yet but soon..about 400rds through it all perfect..
  12. Whats your first gun to buy in 2011?

    apex DCAEK for the M&P9c, some night sites. and possibly the 442 S&W 38+p mossberg 590 a1 AR platform rifle
  13. Used my crossbreed holster for the first time.

    I carried for 3 weeks no round in the pipe. To get comfortable for my first time. Now it's normal and I carry loaded and properly. S&W M&P 9c in a crossbreed.
  14. Danvers Walmart - A not so funny, funny when buying ammo

    I also have not had and issue there but the wait to find keys is silly.. I stopped and now go to four seasons i rather have real people who know what they are talking about.
  15. Shot My New S&W M&P 9c

    love mine.. check out the crossbreed holsters too.. it's really nice.
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