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  1. WTS Smith & Wesson Performance Center 686

  2. WTS Smith & Wesson Performance Center 686

    PERFORMANCE CENTER Model 686 Competitor 6" Weighted Barrel, Front Sight: Patridge Dovetail, Rear Sight: Adjustable, good condition, comes with Performance Center case. $1250 FTF Located in Peabody, PM me if you have any questions. Statement of Legal compliance: I will comply with all Federal...
  3. Danvers fish & game?

    I'm a member of DF&G, I joined there mainly for trap... I'm also a member of Woburn Sportsman's Association. Danvers isn't a bad club but there has to be a range officer around in order to shoot...which kind of sucks if you want to shoot during the week and work during the day. They have a...
  4. Mystic Valley Gun Club

    I thought we did... I guess the way Ray pushes it, made me think we do.
  5. Mystic Valley Gun Club

    I'm a member of 3 different clubs (Mystic is one of them) and all 3 require NRA membership. You're probably going to have a hard time finding a club that doesn't require it.
  6. Opinions on 4 Clubs Near Tewksbury MA

    I'm a member of Woburn Sportsmen's Assoc. Mike pointed out it has a lot to offer. We have a great bunch of people that are always willing to help out new shooters... but as Mike also pointed out, if you're into defensive shooting then I too would check out Harvard.
  7. Mystic Valley Gun Club

    The site looks great!!! Nice job!!!
  8. Woburn Sportsmen's Association

    Your best bet is to stop by on a Sunday morning and talk to Wally or someone else in the office, they could probably answer your questions about the 2 meetings...As for work hours, I know you'll have to do that, a lot of times it's something easy and you'll probably be working in a group so it's...
  9. Centraville sportsman club in Dracut

    I'm not a member but I have shot trap there (Greater Lowell Trap League) and I have to say that is the nicest bunch of guys to shoot with. If their E division team is any indication of the kind of members they have, then you couldn't be interested in joining a better club. Out of all the clubs...
  10. Does any one have any experience at Mystic Valley Gun Club in Malden?

    It's a great club!!! The best day to come down is Weds., that's when the officer's (Secretary, VP, Pres, Directors) are there.
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