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  1. WTS Ruger M77 MKII 6mm PPC w/Scope + Extras

    bump, price drop $800
  2. WTS Ruger M77 MKII 6mm PPC w/Scope + Extras

  3. WTS Thompson Center Contender in 22 Hornet WTS

  4. Danvers fish & game?

    I'm a member of DF&G, I joined there mainly for trap... I'm also a member of Woburn Sportsman's Association. Danvers isn't a bad club but there has to be a range officer around in order to shoot...which kind of sucks if you want to shoot during the week and work during the day. They have a...
  5. WTS Pardini SP1 .22LR

  6. WTS Pardini SP1 .22LR

  7. WTS Pardini SP1 .22LR

  8. Mystic Valley Gun Club

    I thought we did... I guess the way Ray pushes it, made me think we do.
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