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  1. Mass. Unemployment Process

    I feel like I may have messed up when claiming benefits every week. For people that have been furloughed, what are you putting down EXACTLY? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Charlie Activates the National Gaurd

    That footage is 100% from the Columbia has explosions. I do energy assessments for a living and we were helping out with that at first. Was a complete shit show
  3. ammo shortage??

    Maybe an incredibly stupid question, but what’s the 12 gauge supply looking like? Was thinking about heading out tomorrow to pick up some buckshot
  4. Gouge in slide

    I’ll be honest I can LIVE with it, I was just wondering if anybody had any ideas
  5. Gouge in slide

    Ya pictures might help
  6. Gouge in slide

    So first of all I’m an idiot. I have a ruger sr1911 that I was trying to put a pair of night sights on. I didn’t have a set of pads to put on my vise so I figured I would use some towels to act as the padding and because I was impatient and didn’t use the the right tools, I have a nice gouge in...
  7. Sell me on the 43x

    So I’ve been thinking about picking up a Glock 43x if I can. Anybody out there have one? Who likes it? Who hates it?
  8. 2020 Multitool Thread

    I’ve been carrying a Leatherman Supertool 300 for about 7+ years now. I’d love to cary something a little smaller/lighter but I’ve yet to find a multi tool that has the same type of awl. That is essential for me as I use it all the time at work.
  9. New Citizen and Their 2A rights

    So this may be an entirely stupid question so bear with me on this, whenever I’ve had questions somebody on here has been able to help me out. Anyway, a friend of my wife’s husband has now officially become a US citizen (very glad personally that he went through with it and did everything the...
  10. Polymer 80 mag dropping

    Hey folks, So I have a PF940c (gen 2 frame) that I keep having issues with. Once I was done with the build, on my first shots the magazine would fall out after firing one round. Did a little research and replaced the mag release and spring from the lone wolf kit that I got with Glock OEM...
  11. 05 - 2019 Mass Roster released

    Is the new Walther PPK/S “approved”? I’ve heard conflicting reports.
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