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  1. ***NES Server migration***

    Good luck with the overnight. May I suggest you update your OP with the cut date, since some of us just 'Jump to new' ?
  2. ***NES Server migration***

    Please let it be from 9 to 11 tomorrow when I am in one of my interminable monthly staff meetings. No shitposting for an hour? Noooooooooooo........ Good Luck with the conversion and migration!
  3. Long shelf life foods

    You can literally eat them. You already do in some fashion. But you can filter them out. I put the grains and rice I was going to toss into a steel trash can outside and it will be mixed with my chicken feed and converted to eggs. The chickens will 100% eat the weevils too, so the little...
  4. Long shelf life foods

    So, a second lesson in complacency in as many weeks. Our 'shorter term' larder is a closet with folding doors in our laundry room. I've been doing some Fall checks and getting traps out for the inevitable mouse-vasion that happens after the first frost. A recent pull of a pound of pasta from...
  5. Prep of The Day Thread

    So....a lesson on that the smoke has cleared. We were up north last weekend ostensibly for leaf peeping but really to do some prep and assess. Wood processing, dealing with a burn pile, mowing fields and more rotating fuel, etc. Changed the fuel pump on my side by side...
  6. First Aid Kit upgrade

    There's a close approximation on amazon View:
  7. Prep of The Day Thread

    This past weekend up North.... Rotated fuel stocks. 30 gallons of gas went into vehicles, the diesel went into the boiler's 325g tank. Drained the genset tank and that went in too. Refilled all of the gas with ethanol free and got off road diesel for the rest. Pri-D in the diesel Ran the...
  8. MA magazine limit/AWB

    It annoys me no end that the extra mags I often carry in my laptop bag are as valuable as the laptop in it.
  9. Mass shooter: 0 Armed bystander: 1 Media: -1

    From the article....... 20 years old and had an apartment...but didn't drive? Had 3 firearms and ammunition, but didn't mention employment (maybe too soon) Walked to the mall with long rifles? 3 firearms and only 100 rounds? Left the M&P in the loo? Where he sat for an hour? Burned his laptop...
  10. Anyone else just lose the site?

    it all started when I agreed to that snapface frend request
  11. Anyone else just lose the site?

    Yah. I'm a fed boi. Instead it's probably a bad twatter link. Apologies to @Admin et al if I posted a bad link
  12. Maine

    Our NH house property tax on 125 acres is less than 1/3 of the annual property tax in full-retard metrowest on 2 acres....
  13. Suburban perimeter security

    Just don't use blanks...WCGW? Primer Trip Alarms
  14. Confirmed Food Life - Personal Experience In Long Term Storage

    Our pantry go-to for tomatoes has been Pastene. The company's management is to the left of Mao, but the tomatoes are very consistently good. We had a store of ground peeled tomatoes with an expiration of 3-14. I opened a can last night to make pizzas (also used stored flour and yeast) The...
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