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  1. They really don't like us.

    huh...I've watched Hannity since Hannity and Colmes, and never heard him espouse a list, rounding them up, or the imprisonment of leftists without due process. THAT is why it's very different than Hannity
  2. Alright...f*** it let's just do zombies this year too

    in a kingdom with no ammo, the man who stocked .22lr deep is king
  3. How a Gifted Gun Likely Saved a Life

    The home invasion dindus bolted when they were faced with someone home, not someone home and armed. The gun was relevant but did not play into the interaction...only the threat of it.
  4. Biden Gun tax

    I just did a mag count. I've been buying a few every chance I get. Then I did a 'modern sporting rifle' count that these fvcktards would tax. If they think I am parting with $200 bucks in taxes for a $15 magazine, they're just wrong. I have 12 magazines for my M1 Carbine alone FFS. No way I...
  5. Somebody wants to make a statement..........

    so...they locked up the gangbangers....and crime dropped.....
  6. AC diodes for inverter/charge controller

    There is already going to be fireraptor rapid shutdown for the panels on the roof, and an external shutoff/disconnect for batteries and a disconnect to the subpanel of critical loads at the same place as the meter...and labeled. Thanks for the primer on AC diodes. I was trying to ensure the...
  7. AC diodes for inverter/charge controller

    This is the unit: Growatt 48V SPF 3000TL LVM – 3kW 120Vac Stackable Inverter 4.5kW MPPT Charge Controller Split Phase 120V/240V capable with two or more units. Product website Growatt SPF 3000TL LVM - Off-Grid Storage Inverters - Growatt
  8. AC diodes for inverter/charge controller

    I have a solar inverter and charge controller going in as part of a solar project. The inverter/charge controller has an AC 'in' port that can be used to charge the batteries from the grid or a generator. There is an AC 'out' port used to power the subpanel for critical loads from the PV...
  9. Gov. Andrew Cuomo to receive Emmy award for his 'leadership' during the pandemic

    Well, he was able to simultaneously act like, a clown, a jackass, a partisan, a hypocrite, and an accessory to murder, so he 'should' get an acting award.....
  10. Question(s) for Linux geeks

    it's agnostic to profile, local, prem, AD or Azure. We've moved local to Azure, local to prem AD, local to Azure AD and prem to Azure AD, and prem to prem on a swing migration. Would have to check with the team, but I do not recall us doing a project of Azure to prem or local, but I doubt...
  11. I never thought I would say this.........

    I don't think the resistance was very well hidden
  12. anyone see valley of tears yet

    I've been in a Valley of Tears since the rats stole the election at 3:40AM by pumping votes into the swing states on November 4th
  13. Question(s) for Linux geeks

    You can keep your profile - my guys use this tool for Azure AD migrations when sites migrate away from prem AD. Full version free to use. ForensiT Free Downloads
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