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  1. 2018 Steel Challenge @ Harvard Sportsmens Club

    IIRC the Appleseed folks used to make "speedloaders" for the model 60 out of McDonalds straws.

    Thanks for all the hard work Dan, and thanks to Mike for stepping up!
  3. New Toy Under Consideration - 6.5 Creedmoor

    I won't do business with HS-precision, personally, after they published an endorsement from Lon Horiuchi. I'm a big fan of Savage based on my experience with my 22LR Mark 2. When I buy a centerfire bolt gun, they'll be the first place I look.
  4. Maxim 50 muzzleloader 50 state legal internally suppressed black powder rifle?

    Yes, that's the federal law, and the ATF letter means it's legal at least until they change their minds. Do you trust Maura to follow the fed interpretation?
  5. Maxim 50 muzzleloader 50 state legal internally suppressed black powder rifle?

    You just beat me to posting this. I have no use for it other than being cool, but I want one now. I'll have to read the MA silencer ban carefully.
  6. The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017

    And how much of that with home based fixed antennas? I'm guessing 99% of it was on 2m/70cm mobiles and handhelds. If the bill protects some antenna rather than any antenna, I don't have much of a problem with it. A decent VHF/UHF vertical isn't more obtrusive than the 18" TV dishes that I...
  7. The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2017

    Why should the government come in and invalidate contracts that people freely entered in to?
  8. "Texting" on a Ham Radio: ICOM ID-4100A

    I've used the Paxton repeater from the parking lot of HRO in Salem on an HT before. It required holding it out over the car roof to get decent audio on TX, but it worked.
  9. Is the Area 7 Championship the only major in NE?

    Vermonster : The website has dates for this year, but the link still goes to last year.
  10. Stun Gun Challenge (Martel v. Healey)

    Scalia had a big love for "law-and-order" though. He was good on 2A, but he let his conservative biases influence his "originalism" on plenty of other issues.
  11. Under $1,500

    This gun is not production legal. You could shoot it in Single Stack.
  12. USPSA at Hopkinton Saturday May 6

    Wow, the 360 camera is pretty cool!
  13. Under $1,500

    Is your budget for the gun only or all in? What competitions do you want to shoot? I recently picked up a customized USPSA limited gun for $1200, but then spent another $500 on belt/hoster/mag carriers and some magazine components. IMO, If you want to shoot USPSA production, pick whichever...
  14. USPSA at Hopkinton Saturday May 6

    Great match today. Thanks to the crew for putting it on. The weather wasn't too bad. I only shot one stage in real rain, two in drizzle, and the rest dry.
  15. Gould v O'Leary - Comm2A Carry Case v. Boston / Brookline

    As I understand it, the attorneys have a conference call with the judge to update what's going on and decide what, if anything, to schedule.
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