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  1. Recomend a first pistol

    Go with what's comfortable in your hand, that you can shoot accurately, and causes little or no discomfort to conceal. Believe it or not, that's actually a lifetime of trial and error/success. Shoot other peoples guns...there's a plethora of folks here that will allow you to do so. Base your...
  2. Thoughts on Browning Over/Under Shotguns?

    As far as traditional shotguns go, I've always been a purveyor of side by sides. That said, you can't go wrong with a Citori.
  3. looking for a good wood gun cabinet/case

    Thought...Build your own. If you don't have the capacity, I assure you I can custom build it for you. Time is the issue. This is my busy season.
  4. Deleting account

    Honest question...no judgement...why are you leaving?
  5. Best Practices: Chamber by slide release, pull back, or slingshot?

    Someone here...anyone...beg Timber to run the "Shovel Drill" with you. You'll quickly understand the difference between fine motor skills, gross motor skills, and the ability to accurately fire a gun while being relentlessly beaten with a long-handled shovel. I know it sounds silly, but it's...
  6. Chocolate Lab

    I'm a pretty lucky guy, dog-wise, and I've always brought them to the range first. I usually start by just hanging around the clubhouse while other people shoot. Then, slowly work my way to the actual firing line. I've never ended up with a gun-shy dog. Maggie shows up at a lot of NES shoots...
  7. NJ Man Denied Gun Permit Due To Bad Driving Record

    How so? How is this "obvious" to you? Maybe he has been constantly harassed by the local "heroes".
  8. NJ Man Denied Gun Permit Due To Bad Driving Record

    No, actually it isn't, and no, it doesn't. Understand that "speeding" is still an arbitrary infraction. It's simply another method for the state to accumulate revenue. It has nothing to do with safety.
  9. Video: Cop Shoots, Kills Black Woman Approaching Him With BATTLE-AX

    I'm not a supporter of those in law enforcement/revenue generation by a long shot, but I don't think it matters whether James Spray is a cop in this instance. She seems like she was going to attack anything or anyone in her vicinity. Any reasonable person would have dropper her in that...
  10. Confirmed Food Life - Personal Experience In Long Term Storage

    THIS, x eleventybillion. The few items I've had go bad (number is in the single digits) were easily identifiable as spoiled when opened. Back on track: Hellman's Mayo expired in Feb. 2013, still tasted great in tuna, which expired in Oct. 2013.
  11. the town of west boylston is unbelievable

    For those of you who have FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/events/964394190311454/ Hope to see you there.
  12. Waiting for my FID, purchased an ar15 upper, feeling real stupid now...

    I apologize for being a dick. Exodius said it much better here.
  13. Waiting for my FID, purchased an ar15 upper, feeling real stupid now...

    Holy crap. I'm usually the guy to support the newbies. but this single post is so full of fail that I couldn't resist. Cat hair nonwithstanding, if you found it necessary to beat a precision instrument with a hammer, I'm not sure there's much beneficial advice I could give you other than, "buy...
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