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  1. Beware of Big Bear Arms

    They did, and they actually lost pretty much everything as far as ammo and guns. They (Will and Andre) are setting up a new shop on the side of the plaza they were in, they own the whole lot I think. I was there yesterday, they are about 2 weeks from being fully open in the new shop. As far as...
  2. Non-residents: Legal info on bringing guns into Mass. for competition or hunting

    Do these laws (namely the ban on high capacity mags and "assault rifles") apply to a RI resident that is passing through MA to go to a RI shooting range? I live in Providence and would be going to the Tiverton Gun Club. By far the fastest way is using route 195, passing through MA only...
  3. RI conceal carry application. Expunged record?

    Thank you. I will contact him. I wasn't sure if others here have dealt with something similar, but am not surprised they have it is a fairly unusual thing. I really have no problem with the expunged part....I am curious on the filed one. I'll give him a yell soon and report back on...
  4. RI conceal carry application. Expunged record?

    As I stated, I was told by an attorney that when asked this question, that I could answer NO. How would that be lying? I am checking here to see if it carries over to something as "serious" as a CCW permit. Please learn what expunging a record is.
  5. RI conceal carry application. Expunged record?

    I am considering at some point applying for a conceal carry permit in RI. About 20 years ago, I had 2 separate misdemeanor arrests and convictions. Neither were for violence(marijuana possession and disorderly). One was filed initially for one year....but I was arrested 4 months after for the...
  6. Help reassembling Ruger MKiii

    [laugh] Nor should you be. It was a terrible experience for me....3 or 4 nights I have been trying this. I had a few guys PM me also offering help....really cool people on here :) Now I am part of the club that actually got this BS back together.
  7. Help reassembling Ruger MKiii

    Ha! I actually got it!! Someone should get a gold star :) I see what I was doing wrong. I followed the directions in the manual exactly, and it worked after a couple tries. Takes a little playing around though with the mainspring housing bolt and getting that pin lined up. Thank you everyone...
  8. Help reassembling Ruger MKiii

    Will be giving that a shot tomorrow. I'd post a vid of me doing it....but it would be 5 terabytes in size. I know it is something silly I am not getting, we'll see what a fresh head does tomorrow
  9. Help reassembling Ruger MKiii

    Fair enough.....I seem to be getting something going on. I am just a little annoyed that it is so difficult to take apart....and others do agree. I can take pistols and rifles apart, this is the first I have had such trouble with. Thank you for the pointers though :). Yes, I shall be walking...
  10. Help reassembling Ruger MKiii

    Ok....I have made some progress.....I can actually get the mainspring pin to slide up, and it can lock into the handle. But I am still stuck with only being able to pull the bolt back halfway, I ma thinking it is down to that hammer strut.
  11. Help reassembling Ruger MKiii

    Had I known how silly this was to reassemble, I would not buy it again. good to know I am not alone.... I am way past the rubber mallet....close to using a sledge at this point :). But yeah, the rubber mallet helped with my initial problem, where the mainspring was stuck.
  12. Help reassembling Ruger MKiii

    I am about to scream if I have to battle this any longer. I have spent hours trying to do this [crying] I followed the video, and several like it here: The bolt slides in fine. The hammer is down. But I cannot for the life of me get the mainspring...
  13. disposing of old shotgun

    Haha! Ok :) It is a Winchester 1911 SL, it is quite beat up though. I it not mine, but my uncles old gun. Ill get pics up and post it in the appropriate forum.
  14. disposing of old shotgun

    I have a very old shotgun, non functioning, that I need to be rid of. How do I go about doing this? This is RI, city of Providence.
  15. Shipping to out of state FFL from RI

    I am in RI, I sold a gun on an online auction. Going by what I was reading, I would have been able to ship to a FFL through UPS. But when I ran it by my local FFL, she said it was illegal....though she may have thought I was referring to mailing it USPS which is obviously illegal. Also the...
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