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  1. Advice needed about how to deal with a warranty claim at S&W

    I think once you receive the revolver back from S&W, you are going to be one happy camper. I really don't hear many negative reports about their warranty service. And they certainly aren't going to put something back into your possession which could cause major problems for the S&W name.
  2. Marblehead Police come through in the clutch

    I'll play the lying criminal. Officer, I was walking down the street, once within 25 feet of this gentleman's home, someone ran out of his driveway and up the street. As I came closer he pointed a rifle at me and told me not to move or else. Myself, I'll follow in M1911's footsteps and have no...
  3. Your favorite DAO non-polymer framed 9mm or 380ACP pistols

    I definitely misread the initial post. Correction made
  4. Responded to Assault call and hooked up victim for loaded weapon....

    I fully understand what he is saying. He made an arrest of two suspects, placed them in the cruiser. Before transporting the suspects to the can, he then unloaded his firearm and let the suspects hold his ammo. Simple.
  5. Found a buddy, and a picture

    Was able to contact a friend from my Army days, like 40 years ago, had lots of fun reminiscing.
  6. Just bought a special edition 1911, dont know which one though...

    Call Four seasons and ask, you just gave them a nice chunk of change.
  7. B-ramming, Grin and Take It, or....

    To Mr. Weebles, That period in time in Salem, you were lucky to get a damn LTC B, tough crowd running things then. I am no expert on Gun Laws, but upon my first renewal in 95, I was downgraded from ALP "Protection of Life and Property" to T&H. I filled for a Judicial Review, and came out with...
  8. What's wrong with this picture???

    I was rather impressed by this individuals costume, but why Master Sergeant when he could have been a Command Sergeant Major? If I ran into him, I would go up and shake his hand and thank him for his service, then just start laughing in his face.[laugh]
  9. Off To Afganistan in May

    All I can say is "I give you my best Army salute" hope your tour of duty passes quickly, and a safe return home. Good Luck
  10. I met this guy in a bar today...

    I always loved some of the lines the senior NCO's would throw around. They might have believed they were insulting me, but I always thought of it as great comedy lines, in fact I sort of enjoyed it.[laugh]
  11. I met this guy in a bar today...

    I think you are going to like this one. While sitting and burning 3/4 Cav waste, the first sergeant walked by me and said "I see you got all your shit together". I met this guy in a bar today... Who knows for sure, could have been a bull shit artist, I've met vets that really don't remember...
  12. New Acquisitions for January 2010

    Received yesterday, a freebie[grin] Remington Targetmaster Model 41, .22 cal, single shot, bolt, MFG March 1936, for it's age, in great condition.
  13. Ownership of weapons whose owner has expired LTC?

    I don't believe you have yet received a scolding from the famous one, you will know when it happens.[laugh] How to avoid the scolding, read all the stickies and make sure what you post is 100% correct, otherwise the boogie man will get you.[shocked]
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