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  1. leave to MA from NC

    thanks ill more then likely email you and you dont need to thank me they pay me money to jum out of planes and use a 249 all day but your welcome
  2. leave to MA from NC

    hey guys im an Infantryman in the 82nd and im on leave for a little while and im going to be coming back to mass for a week and will be in the easton area i might be trying to find someone to go the range with so if anyone is tryin to go to the range around the 27th of Dec - the 3rd of Jan feel...
  3. What if you could own any firearm you wanted to???

    dont get me wrong on this i like the 240B and everything but after having to move it anywhere really for more then 200meters it just is so annoying i know i few guys in my unit in weapons squad and they have to bring them everywhere and yeah fun to shoot but soo bad to move if you want a 240 i...
  4. What if you could own any firearm you wanted to???

    you dont need a safe you keep it loaded and use it for home defence [smile]
  5. What if you could own any firearm you wanted to???

    Yes the age old question what would you own if you could own anything now my only rule that we keep ths within reason im trying to find somthing to put some of my pay check toward and im having issues picking out anything so I thought you all could help me pick somthing out. For now im ruleing...
  6. AR 15 build trying to find upper

    O you need to find an AR upper i have only 2 things to say .50 Beowolf and .458 SOCOM yeah look that up and hat will fix most any issue you will have .... ever .... at all ...... for anything
  7. Army

    i just finshed up oust not to long ago then airborne school no bull no go there thinkin you the biggest and badest mother ****er around people to hate that guy and its not to much never volunteer for anything just know when then detail they are going to put you on is less shity then the one you...
  8. a challage for any and everyone M240B

    Ok so my team leader at the 82nd proposed a question to me that was asked of him but one of our higher up and apperintlly this is a mind bogaling question that no one here can see to figure out so if any one has any info or know someone who would plz pass the word on that an airborne infantryman...
  9. back from basic (training)

    hey i just got back home after a short week (but it seemed soo long) now for a four day weekend to give some quick As to all the Qs im 11B ive been told by some there are only 2 MOS's in the army 11B and 11 wanna Bs but yeah its the infantry for me. i was at sand hill and i was with 198th...
  10. back from basic (training)

    heys just thught i would let you all know that im back from basic training for the army and airborne school just got my duty station of Ft. Bragg , NC just thought i would say hi and let you all know im back!
  11. Need a Little Help

    hey everyone im the one who is going in my ship date march 20th and im just saying my contract is 11X with opt 40 (ranger) thanks for the support everyone
  12. .338 vs .338 lapua

    got cha well off to get me a .50 hmmm who to go with http://www.accuracyinternational.com/ax50.php or http://www.50bmgstore.com/barrett50bmg_82A1_M107.htm
  13. X47b Seen theses yet?

    i saw these years ago this isnt new info must have been a slow news day
  14. .338 vs .338 lapua

    hmmm i see so if i was to get a rifle that was listed as a .338 lapua could it fire any .338 round such as if i wanted to get the savage 10/110 BA could i shoot a .338 Winchester mag
  15. .338 vs .338 lapua

    hey everyone im sure this might be dumb but im not sure what the diiferance is with a .338 and a .388 lapua. Any and all info is helpful thanks.
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