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  1. Thanks for stealing my tailgate -NES'r?

    What would prevent someone from using a screwdriver or a knife to loosen clamp, and make off with the tailgate anyway?
  2. iPhone question

    Try cleaning out the port on the phone. I had a bunch of lint, and saw dust in mine.
  3. Furniture shopping

    Rome Furniture in Gardner.
  4. Toyota Rav 4 or Honda CRV BOUGHT THE CRV

    My mother has a Rav 4. The its 4 wheel drive system is very weird. you lock it in, but can't go over x miles an hour without it shutting off. I wouldn't recommend a Rav4 to anyone. At least not in New England.
  5. Dumb guy at the range

    I was shooting my M1 Carbine, which, at the time was in a collapsible stock.... dumb guy at the range says " you know you can't have a collapsible in Mass" I didn't even get into it with him.
  6. Protesters at The Gun Parlor tomorrow

    Straight from article. Look, Turtleboy is not a gun owner. Zero interest in owning a gun. People are always telling me to get one, but I just don’t see the need. For instance, there’s a lot of reasons you can use to justify your right to own a firearm. But the whole, “I need a gun to protect...
  7. Best Gunnshop location to consider in MA

    Rutland Ma could use a good shop. Lots of gun owners in the town, several clubs near-by, and no LGS.
  8. Getting antsy

    You'll always try to convince yourself that you have all the guns you want.... but then you'll see that lever action 30-30, or the Colt Python that looks real cool, and you buy those too. Good Luck

    He was trying to turn his life around.
  10. First Pistol

    My Wife had never even said the word "gun" until she met me. I took her to the range, and like your fiancé, she loved shooting. I didn't press the issue, but I told her it would be a good idea to get a license, just incase she needed to carry one of mine, or god forbid, ever needed to use one...
  11. Russia: Boris shot dead, hot Ukrainian model gf in custody

    [thumbsup] to the chick!
  12. Central MA Gun Ranges w/ Firearm Storage?

    For what it's worth, it sounds like you might be better off selling your guns, and just renting when you are at a range. Places like Mass Firearms in Holliston have a nice selection.
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