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  1. Dealer won't transfer for liability reasons?

    there's a guy down the cape that will get it for ya. pm me and i'll give you his number.
  2. This is why I like NC

    why does this have to be in NC? I'm a minister and i would do this in MASS. Any anti gun people checking this ya go.... i've just admited that i would shoot a home invader with no regrets, peace out....
  3. Had a Weird experience today at DD

    that would be the fastest way to get your butt kicked! you try to grab my piece you're on the ground with my foot in your mouth fool!
  4. NE - Property Owner Shoots Copper Thief

    FL, TX and a few others you can shoot first then ask later. Some fool is in your place and comes at you after you've warned him.... is all done...peace out sucka!
  5. CCW Concerns

    Even if someone in mass sees your print it's cool because it's an open carry state. Don't be paranoid but don't be stupid either. No worries my man. Enjoy your new permit and freedom.
  6. My Wife expressed interest in getting her LTC/getting a firearm for defense

    my wife got her LTC a few weeks ago. I got her a couple of carry pistols....well they're for her but I had myself in mind too!
  7. Mass an Open Carry State?

    Dude, I don't look like some 70's porn star! It's cool Blitz I'm laughing, thanks man. I had a question that I though some of you guys could answer. I'm not sure why some of you assume that I was asking for myself. I was asking because I didn't know. The insults from others just shows...
  8. Mass an Open Carry State?

    to piss u off.
  9. Which Massachusetts towns have the most LTC Class A's ?

    Great thread, thanks for posting!!!!
  10. Mass an Open Carry State?

    Thanks for the responses. I OC all the time in Mass especially Boston but I'm on the job in uniform. I even OC if I have to stop by and pick up groceries on the way home but I'm still in uniform. I would never dream of OC in this state while in regular clothes. All set with that!!!!!
  11. Mass an Open Carry State?

    I've been hearing from people that Mass is an open carry state. I've never seen or read this anywhere. Can anyone confirm this with proof? I know NH is but they don't encourage it....
  12. Top Shot back tonight

    looking good
  13. Top Shot back tonight

    Yes, set the dvr two weeks ago to record the new Top Shot!
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