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  1. Congrats to SKS Ray

    Congratulations!! Ish.
  2. Nice song!!!

    It is a nice song but sorry to say that was already posted Ish.
  3. What do we agree on? Current LTC/COP cases

    In my personal opinion, I will say that if a Driver License is good for all the states as well as a HS diploma, a bachelor diploma, etc, etc. a LTC or CCW should be the same, but once again that’s just my opinion. Ish.
  4. Whats Your Opinion

    We are confusing the main argue with an immigration matter, two things complete different. It is no doubt that he broke the law and he will pay for it, but it is very clear that he was legal in the country. In order to be able to become a citizen, first you need to be a Permanent Resident for 3...
  5. Whats Your Opinion

    They said: “He was due to be arraigned in Haverhill District Court today, the same day that he was scheduled to become a naturalized U.S. citizen, according to authorities” So, obviously he was and he is legal in this country, but he can say bye bye to his citizenship probably for ever or with a...
  6. We are prima facie criminals

    Indeed, with or without license you can not show your weapon, period (obviously unless you are defending yourself). That’s why it is called concealed. Ish.
  7. Video, Switzerland and guns...

    Spain. Over there we did have mandatory servive until 1,994 or 1,995 not sure, but nothing like the video for sure. It is nice no know that there are countries in which they teach you how to use a weapon and they give you such weapon. On top of that, they almost are crime free, that's very nice...
  8. Video, Switzerland and guns...

    Good info, gunner 30, thanks. The only thing that they didn't take from me during my mandatory service it was the boots and underwear. Ish.
  9. Ultimate Mall Ninjas

    Good point [rofl][laugh2] Ish.
  10. And finally I have the video!! Update on top!

    No doubt about that [grin], Ish.
  11. Ultimate Mall Ninjas

    This is another version for where I come from. Where is Waldo [wink]? Ish
  12. Magazine Question

    Hehehe got you. BTW the next guns show here in the town I live it is next weekend. Any Santa wishes in a paper bag? I will have to ask just for a little tip in a brown paper bag [grin] Ish.
  13. And finally I have the video!! Update on top!

    Thank you for understanding the situation. Ish.
  14. And finally I have the video!! Update on top!

    Hi Timber, I really want to say the name, but for now I rather not to say anything until I am 100% sure that everything is alright. Here in FL a good lawyer (even if his/her client is a piece of what the chikens pick)can screw you faster than a rabit gets f**k even if you did the right thing...
  15. And finally I have the video!! Update on top!

    Update in 1st page. Ish.
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