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  1. New addition to family

    Congratulation to you both she is precious what a blessing.
  2. my daughter and my pss

    Good work my friend!
  3. Visited Fred today

    Don't worry Bro I have been killed time and time again. lol Lets make some spent brass soon!
  4. Dont mess with a woman's purse

    I like her she seems like a really nice person.
  5. How long did your LTC-A take in your town???

    Milford, NH was 26 hours for my wife and I.
  6. Turn down brake rotors in NH?

    Mike Brailey's Auto Service on Amherst St will cut your rotors as long as they are in spec/tolerance.
  7. Article: Merry Christmas

    Thanks and a Merry Merry Christmas to you and all our NES family.
  8. Attorney sues Portsmouth police over gun license denial! We need to follow this case

    "stupid is as stupid does" Forrest Gump Play stupid games win stupid prizes. It reminds me of the case a few years back when Portsmouth and The State SJC wiped their ass with the guy from the Porstsmouth Water Dept. who left a copy of his carry permit on the desks of coworkers. He was...
  9. Rough Cut Lumber

    Rilley's or Wilkins in Milford, NH both saw mills that sell rough cut.
  10. Great Tits Flock Together

    I am a bird watcher......I am seeking the elusive Big Breasted Bed Thrasher. If anyone knows of there whereabouts please please LMK!
  11. Looking for A Well Service/ Technician

    RDP Water Systems if your in the Milford area great guys and cheaper than Skillings.
  12. Trapping

    NH Fish and Game usually has a trapper ed class the weekend of the NH Trappers Assoc. fall rendevous. The class is a lot of fun and gets out early enough to check out some of the demos and get some toys from the trap dealers. Here is the link for the event: Calendar of Events - NH Trappers...
  13. Moving to NH

    By statue the only CCW nono is a courthouse. There are some gray areas though. The Verizon for example: its owned by The City of Manchester but leased to a outfit out of NJ and they dont allow CCW. I dont agree so that must be what ankle holsters are for. I moved up here 12yrs ago and have never...
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