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  • Here are some pictures. The Perception is the Blue/White boat that my wife used and the yelow is my Old Town.


    We are preparing to move out of Mass and need to get rid of so much stuff. If anyone takes both boats I'll throw in the storage racks. Also, I am including the live vests with the boats.
    Thanks for the interest,

    Bernie Cross
    Yeah, I found another thread that pointed out America's Armed in Milford as having one. Practically brand new XD 9 Sub Compact in black with night sights. They wanted a pretty penny but we went ahead and picked it up for Jillian. Now we just have to send it and my XD 45 Tactical to Robar for the full house treatment like her current XD.

    Thanks again for the help, I am sure we'll talk to you soon.


    Hey Sara (h?). Got your voicemail about 10 minutes ago. I was already 3rd in line. Doh! but thanks for the call for sure. I got a line on one at a shop in Milford that I have a call in for so hopefully that will pan out. But thanks so much for thinking of us, we really appreciate that.

    Have a great weekend.


    Steve Carter
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