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  1. Anyone take firearm courses?

    Wrong place to ask. You won't get an honest opinion here. If your honest, here, you get f'n shredded. ask me how i know.
  2. People shot at Moon Island

    is there a pool? can i bet on ND sideways across the firing line?
  3. Nics

    appeals run anywhere from 8 weeks to 2 years. i have seen both and everything in between.
  4. Fake ICBM missile warning over Nest system sends East Bay family into panic

    I would hope someone would be smart enough to not get fooled by someone using that feature. But that might be asking too much these days. Oh yes... gubmint gon gimme warnings through my cameras 2 way mic / speaker system. some people fail a life
  5. Fake ICBM missile warning over Nest system sends East Bay family into panic

    sounds like BS. I have several NEST cameras for many year and they do not make noise, nor do they issue those type of warnings. Only email notifications of people, movement, voices, talking, and camera off line.
  6. WTB Walther PPQ MK 1

    Looking for a Walther PPQ Mk 1 in 9mm. New or used, doesn't matter. Message me here. Thanks!
  7. Borris, did your AK make it into fallout?

    yes it did.... added in the Nuka World DLC
  8. translation please, chinese or japanese, don't know which really

    It is not Japanese. That's all I can say. ... I wish I could remember Al's screen name. He could translate it for you.
  9. Ginsberg??????

    They will shift to straight assassinations.
  10. CCW holder shoots and kills attacker who stabbed 2 people in New Haven

    2 victims, room temperature perp. why do they need the public's help?
  11. Justice Kavanaugh

    Yes, correct. You got it perfectly.
  12. 87 YO woman tased while cutting dandelions.

    unless you don't know which language your English needed to be translated into.
  13. mid-life crisis at 35

    Im learning Russian. Does that count? :-)
  14. 22KILL Tomorrow at Maynard Rod and Gun

    I did. I was on team Shake & Bake
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