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  1. Deals and steals

    I went in to Cabelas Friday AM on my way home. Grabbed a carriage went to the gun section. Nothing. Zip. Up and down the isles. Just a lot of cheap China crap. Returned my empty carriage and left without spending a dime. I miss the old Cabelas.
  2. Gordon Ramsay Burger Joint with a $106.00 Burger No Fries or extras.

    I don’t know. The whole thing sounds a little cheesy to me, but if you want to have a little bun go right ahead. I won’t get burnt up over it.
  3. MantisX NES Group - Dry/Live Fire Trainer Device

    Need some opinions on a dry fire training system. I’m leaning towards the MantisX as the app seems to provide much better analysis than the typical laser cartridge systems (unless there is a good one out there folks recommend) Do or should you use something in conjunction with the MantisX...
  4. Simplisafe

    Do either the window sensors trigger the alarm system or are the detached alarms? Once the video is triggered do you have to be on the $15 or $25/mo monitoring plans to store and retrieve it? Is it only live feed if not on one of those plans?
  5. Melatonin

    Doxylamine succinate or a similar OTC antihistamine sleep aid and a white noise machine are other good options to consider instead of or in conjunction with melatonin.
  6. Tornado warning cape cod

    Sharknado in Chatham
  7. Black Rifle Coffee Condemns Kyle Rittenhouse, May Dump Sponsorship Of Media Defending Him

    BBBBoycott ! Add em to the list. Two faced pony soldiers.
  8. One of our own lost his home to a fire

    Happy to donate. Would love to see it all go to them vs GFM if there is a way to send a check. Also do they need any clothes or a list of other items they need? I can see what I have.
  9. WTB Want to Buy some 380

    I can use a case of 380 auto Lesser amounts Ok too. Let me know what you have I’m in the Hudson MA are but will travel
  10. From the Waltham Police Deptartment

    I need it for all lawful puposes, as is my Right. That’s all you need to say. I was asked that in my interview. When the licensing officer said “yeah , but why do you really need it?” I just repeated it. He gave me the look them signed off. Don’t give them the opportunity to limit your use...
  11. End of an Era Flobert parlor rifle

    No, not go time just yet... WTS - Vintage Pedestal Sink
  12. dupe delete

    Ok I will delete. searched but couldn’t find it before.
  13. dupe delete

    dupe delete
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