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  1. What’s your Dream gun?

  2. Have you gotten your M1 Garand yet?

    As Mountain said they do shut down for two weeks during Christmas and New Years.
  3. Her name was Ashli Babbitt

    Those are not the guys who fired on her that is the wrong picture.
  4. M1 Garand Megathread

    I make the trip almost every year, but make sure I do the speed limit and drive safe in NY.
  5. Winchester 1897 Trench Shotgun

    Here is my 1897, it is a 1903 made civilian model that was converted. She still slam fires, and is a lot of fun to shoot.
  6. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    I belong to a club in Dracut, and shoot up in NH.
  7. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    I have let many people fire it along with my M1 Garand, or any mil surp I bring to the range. I always bring some extra ammo, so someone else can try out a different weapon.
  8. What is your favorite milsurp to shoot?

    My 1941 Johnson, is my favorite, maybe cause it usually draws some people over, over all it is just a great shooting rifle. Followed by my 30-40 Krag due to how smooth it is.
  9. How To Build A Secure Room The Best Way?

    You assemble it inside. Comes as some assembly required.
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