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Recent content by IDPA Mike

  1. Renewed for another year

    I wish I found this site sooner. Renewed for another year.
  2. Healey "closing the loophole" letter to gun dealers

    It is our understanding that today is the last day that we can sell S&W Sport II and Ruger AR-556 rifles in MA. We have both in stock. "From a gunshop email today."
  3. Reloading Bench Photos

    Looks good. I wish I had room for a Vise. Maybe if I clean up my bench from the winter [wink]
  4. New 600yd range at Pelham Fish and Game

    I've missed quite a few matches these last few months. Work, and vacation. I should be back on the range soon I hope.
  5. Metro West Tactical IDPA - July Tier I Match - Sat., 7/26/14 @ Harvard Sportsmens

    It was my 1st match in quite a while. Great squad, great stages great staff. I had 2 good stages, other than that, I need more trigger time. Thanks to MWT for a great outing. Good practice for the NER.
  6. Shooting low at 50'

    I have not had much trigger time with my handgun lately, as I've been shooting High Power. I have been to the range 2 - 3 times, and I'm ok at 20-30'. At 50' I am very low, and all over the paper. I am shooting a Glock 34 with new to me Warren tactical black rear and front red fiber ...
  7. New 600yd range at Pelham Fish and Game

    Looks great. Can't wait. Any benches in the pits ,or should we bring chairs for now.
  8. Boron Nitride Bullet Coating

    Looks like my edit was too slow. I really just skimmed article in the link. it just looked like a powder trickler until I read it. See you after vacation.
  9. Boron Nitride Bullet Coating

    That's nuts. I get the point. Do I need to clean out my bullets before I shoot em?
  10. Boron Nitride Bullet Coating

    I tried using David Tubb's Boron coating. The directions calls out to run the bullets through clean corn cob media. I tried a small batch and the hollow point filled with the media. I cleaned them , and continued. I just tried walnut, as I thought it was harder and would not fill in the...
  11. mountaineer-brass processing

    Is Dick out of the business? I just looked at his site, and the domain name has expired. I don't need him now, just wondering. Thanks, Mike
  12. Video on making 22LR

    Shooting USA Video on making 22LR http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t5qMsmucXhI Hope no Dupe.
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