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  1. K&R in Hudson

    You're thinking of Undercover Arms. K&R was a Different Ray, Different shop.
  2. Mass. 2013 2A State House Demonstration, ATTENDEES post here

    I was there. Great turnout, saw some friends and met some other great folks.
  3. Assault CAR Ban long as a moped license is "shall issue".
  4. True Colors

    Sorry to hear about your friend, man. I've got this friend that makes sure I AM carrying before going out...
  5. Hightower Decision Released

    I agree. The court's refusal to determine the appropriate level of scrutiny that warrants application to 2A "outside the home" backs this up. Also, fine piece of work, Comm2A.
  6. USMC Marksmanship Training

    I remember that. Maybe I'm selectively remembering marks on the tape.
  7. USMC Marksmanship Training

    Very well. In.
  8. USMC Marksmanship Training

    [rofl] I'll try to make it.
  9. USMC Marksmanship Training

    Then we passed each other on the parade field at least once. 3rd RTBN, Kilo Co, PLT 3070. May 29 - August 22, 2007 - - - Updated - - - I'm in Stow, MA, near Concord. I'll look into what's left this season. Thanks for the heads up.
  10. USMC Marksmanship Training

    Jasons: thanks for the ideas. I do mark my sling, but never thought to mark my jacket. I went through in 1997. Been kicking around the idea of trying a CMP match and was trying to rid myself of all the bad habits I've picked up.
  11. USMC Marksmanship Training

    I remember when I was at Parris Island during rifle qual week, the PMI's has us put a strip of masking tape on the buttstock of our rifles. We were allowed to make marks on the tape. I recall it being useful for ensuring proper cheek weld. Anyone here remember where the marks were, or how...
  12. The Other 98%'s take on Firearms

    And despite all that "great" regulation on driving, there were only 32,885 highway fatalities in 2011. Seems to be working.
  13. icepik125

    No worries, and thanks for the rep! Just needed something to take my mind off the latest doom...

    No worries, and thanks for the rep! Just needed something to take my mind off the latest doom and gloom.
  14. How old were you when you got your LTC?

    30, when I moved back to MA from New York. I got my FID when I was 16. Growing up, my mom was had an "anti" proclivity, but my dad recognized my interest. I wanted a pellet gun, and although I didn't need to (legally), we went to the PD, and I applied for an FID. As objectionable as it may...
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