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  1. 96% not arrested

    I do a lot of driving and listen to many podcasts. Was listening to AWR Hawkins, which I highly recommend even if it's preaching to the choir, If you don't know, Hawkins' is fairly pro2a, reports for Breitbart News ( and...
  2. Any Bourbon Drinkers??

    My new years 3some. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. email from the AG

    He is certainally blaming guns, specifically listing the SKS, not the person. He supports Healy's new interpretation of the law banning these guns. But aren't SKS still purchasable at your LGS? Whatever Healy did would never have prevented his lost.
  4. email from the AG

    Dear Me, My son Galen was killed with an SKS rifle, predecessor to the notorious AK-47. In the decades since his murder, the same military-style weapons have torn families apart and terrorized communities. I haven’t been involved with a lot of politicians in my life, but when Maura Healey...
  5. Gun shop in Fall River,Ma.

    I bought a used gun there a couple of weeks ago at a great price. Maybe not the largest selection but they had a keltec sub2k, assortment of rifles and shotguns and a good selection of handguns. They had a used Wesson pistol that wasn't an 1911 that I've never seen before. They have a policy...
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