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  1. Wild Game Butcher in Boston Area

    Arena's on Ash st. in Hopkinton. Last year was $90 per deer sausage included
  2. Still Hunting with a Bow?

    I have sucessfully still hunted during archery season. It is very difficult to do and the majority of it is getting out of their sight and sneaking into an area where you think you will find them with in range.....I much prefer tree stand hunting. Be patient it will come
  3. Suitability with an arrest record

    This is absolutely true. But we are not talking about a statutory DQ. There is a list of statutory DQ's that if you you have, or think you may have, been charged with you should absolutely contact an attorney regarding that matter. In this case it is clear to everbody that the charge was a very...
  4. Suitability with an arrest record

    Jon, Thanks for being a voice of reason! I agree there are many cases where it is wise to contact an attorney first. I think the "contact an attorney right away" approach is way over used. Some people are being charged alot of money by the attorneys when they dont have to worry about...
  5. rut?

    I generally plan on the rut for the end of the first week of Nov. thru the 2nd week of Nov. I have been seeing plenty of pre-rut activity.
  6. Need Ink Fingerprints!!

    If you are in the metrowest area I can do them. Call Hopkinton Police 508-497-3401 ask if Gregg is working. I work 3p-11p
  7. gas piston conversion kit instalation.

    It functioned fine. As I said it is my friends rifle and Im not sure I would spend my money on a piston kit. Im not convinced it will make any signifigant change for the casual semi-auto shooter. I think the only real benifit would be for someone who puts a tone of rounds down range or on a...
  8. AR15 Gas Tube Roll Pin

    I thought you were going to remove the FSB. I would still suggest doing it that way. Removing the FSB is pretty easy. I use a barrel nut wrench that requiires FSB removal so I do it every build and never had any trouble
  9. AR15 Gas Tube Roll Pin

    A few ideas; a bigger hammer and 1/16 punch and beat the hell out of it. worse case you need a new pin and tube, they're cheap. the most sense would be to leave the tube and pin in the FSB. The whole assembly will come out of the old upper that way
  10. Duck hunting newbie question

    As long as its marked that it is steel safe shooting steel out of a full is fine.....extra full or turkey chokes I agree you should not shoot steel
  11. Deer Question

    Sitting on the ground is perfectly acceptable but being in a tree has definate advatages; you can see further, deer dont see you as readily as if you were on the ground, your scent disperses better, and it tends to make you sit still longer. I absolutely advocate scent control products, its not...
  12. Duck hunting newbie question

    PJ, I think you got that backwards. You want a tighter choke the further the distance away so pass shooting (futher) would be a Mod and over dekes (closer) would be an IC. Even with this point I would suggest a full for pass and a mod over dekes. Waterfowl are very tough and need to be hit hard...
  13. Deer Question

    I agree, there are too many unanswered questions. It is also very important to stay still in your stand, watch the wind, dont over call, dont put out the wrong (or too much) deer or cover scent, make sure you have used scent control measures, and be quiet....with all that being said I usually...
  14. LTC B Question

    Glocks are verboten (sp?) because of the AG list not because of the eops list IIRC
  15. Pheasant hunting in the Dakotas?

    I wish I had some outfitters to suggest..... I did a combo duck/pheasant hunt in Max North Dakota at the farm of a friends family. I am only posting this to let you know if you have ANY interest in duck hunting I would strongly suggest doing some waterfowling while your out there and the seasons...
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