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  1. Outdoor shooting near Kingston, NH

    Oh, I forgot to mention, they have an indoor pistol range that doesn't have the shooting hours restrictions that the outdoor range has.
  2. Outdoor shooting near Kingston, NH

    BTW, CPF&G is a great club. I was a member until I moved away. They are serious about safety but pretty laid back about everything else. They did have a waiting list for membership by the time I left.
  3. Outdoor shooting near Kingston, NH

    I used to live in Newton about the same distance from Country Pond Fish and Game Club as the intersection of New Boston Rd. and Rte. 125. Depending on the weather, the shooting sounded like it was right next door. I was trying to figure out the location of a hunter who got turned around in the...
  4. Pretextual traffic stops - NH

    That's not a bug, it's a feature.
  5. Pretextual traffic stops - NH

    Nothing in the article specified what the cause of the initial detention was other than inferring it was either a pretextual stop or whisper stop and defining the definition of each. The money quote in the opinion that addresses the detainees destination of Augusta ME as a drug trafficking...
  6. What Will Happen to Illegals That Lost Their Jobs?

    Shut up, will you? If any moonbats read this, they'll just add it to the never ending list of "unmet needs," and start dunning our paychecks even more.
  7. Just walked with a knife into Boston PD HQ

    I had an appearance in court. I locked my pistol and spare mag in the truck and headed in. I did the usual empty pockets, place contents in tray and walked through the metal detector. No problem. No lights rung. No bells lit up. I'm on the other side chatting with the deputy while getting back...
  8. pro 2A meme megathread

    I can't name the last time Switzerland was at war. Probably just before they decided that one of those should be in every closet and everyone should know how to use it.
  9. California man killed a trophy deer on his rural property. Now he’s facing a huge penalty.

    I think out west, 4 points on each side is a 4-pointer, at least with mule deer. No 4-pointer is a trophy.
  10. Tulsi Gabbard in line to be Arkancided

    Priceless! Whereas SC has cancelled the Republican Presidential primary but voter registration doesn't indicate party affiliation so we have open primaries (why else would such a red state send a RINO milquetoast like Grahamnesty to the Senate over and over), I think I might just wander in on...
  11. NH Father Kills Coyote With Bare Hands - After Coyote Attacks woman age 62, her dogs, a young child and child's dad in 2 towns

    I am glad to hear that. I first read about it not too long after it happened and the prognosis was pretty dire.
  12. Who's that guy on your squad?

    It takes very little more than nothing at all to get on various lists. Zero actual evidence. No probable cause. A name that is similar is enough. A name that is common but exact does it for certain. There was a federal judge in Chicago that flew to the Caribbean for vacation. When she went to...
  13. Score one for the good guys, Pelham NH

    Two rounds sent into the air right in downtown Manch Vegas? Those rounds are coming down somewhere else in the city. He's lucky that two minutes later there wasn't another call from across town for someone suddenly having a hole open up in their head. If the situation justifies deadly force...
  14. My first time shooting out to 1000 yards update post 65

    The center of the bore to the center of the scope tube is the measurement you want. If your measurement isn't correct, you might not even notice at short ranges but it could add up further out.
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