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  1. Retirement account allocations and the election

    Copper futures. You'll thank me later.
  2. Trump Supporters in New Hampshire Receive Letters Threatening to Burn Down Their Homes

    USA Today and Wapo are running a story saying the Proud Boys are sending the same type of messages to Democrats...
  3. Need to detox from being is a dandy 12 step program

    So after finishing the twelve steps, are you still white?
  4. Evil Robot!!! A deepfake bot on Telegram is violating women by forging nudes from regular pics

    Is this app free or paid? Asking for a friend.
  5. Question about the Making and Passing of Federal Laws

    Do you have any idea how many bills are passed into law which would have to be reviewed by SCOTUS first? The machine would grind to a cursed halt, which is exactly what would make it a great idea, which is precisely why they'll never do it.
  6. Our clueless mainstream media

    I worked a brief gig for Pinkerton's many years ago. I don't know about now but they had grooming standards then. If he wasn't licensed as a security guard, I doubt the station contracted with Pinkerton's for security, they likely retained him directly. Unless they didn't. From reports that...
  7. Katahdin - 2 dead in 2 days

    I did Mount Carrigain in February once on a week long trip. We were a group of about twenty high schoolers led by a couple ex SF. Tough hike in deep snow. Only adding predators would have been more effective separating out the weak.
  8. Georgia shooters

    Gun Control is a legacy of the Black Codes. Now if you're asking whether I actually waited to carry during the half year plus of prior restraint of the 2A during the entire process, I'll take the Fifth, unless that has been criminalized also. One point on SC law is that you can (resident and...
  9. Georgia shooters

    I'm not sure about GA but I came down to SC 5 years ago after all my adult life in SE NH. Carolina Firearms Forum is pretty active covering both Carolinas. CWP is a huge shock after NH, even before CC. Find a class, wait for an opening, take...
  10. CIA Asked FBI to investigate if Hillary Clinton approved plot to create Russia hoax against Trump

    Our Just Us System at work. Move along folks, nothing to see here.
  11. Gun and ammo shortages

    ...door might be slammed shut for good. If you don't already have it, tough luck.
  12. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Either way, the morning after it will feel exactly the same.
  13. Missouri cop claims a guy broke his hand ... with none other than his face - assault charged filed against man

    I am the first one to condemn the police when they cross the fine line of the law but I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the assault charge is not based on the defendants audacity in blocking a punch with his face but in other conduct during his resisting arrest on the warrant...
  14. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

    Come back here and fight like a man!
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