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  1. Help me choose my new carry gun: Glock 43 Vs. Sig P365 **update post 53**

    Guy I know just got his CHP and is looking at the 365 and 43X. Me, I will be getting a 43X sooner as opposed to later to supplement my Shield 45 as an EDC
  2. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Since we didn’t have a Congressional election last, the traitors are still there
  3. SCOTUS Grants Cert to a Gun Case! (NY State)

    So, do we expect to hear ruling on this case in June? Or will there be another leak to rile up the base with more cities burned?
  4. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    2/3 (67%) to override. Last year was about 70% in both chambers IIRC. Two Repubs in the House defected and blew up the override last year. Greater majorities so far this year with 70% in House and 77% in the Senate
  5. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Senate Bill (SB143) passed 28-8 today here in LA. Sent to the House. I assume that they will have some sort of conference to reconcile differences between House and Senate bills, hopefully removing the residency requirement in the Senate bill.
  6. Journalist finds 'rifle and ammunition' at Walmart, picture shows it's just a Red Ryder BB gun

    I hope that this excuse for a man was wearing his depends when he witnessed a glimpse of freedom I am glad that he was ridiculed over his ignorant post, but I suppose with a name like “Padraig” he must be used to it?
  7. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Vote was postponed until today.
  8. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Not this go-round. Kennedy should be good. Edwards next shot would be in 2026. A LOT can change in 4 years
  9. SCOTUS Grants Cert to a Gun Case! (NY State)

    Hope that you are correct, sir!
  10. SCOTUS Grants Cert to a Gun Case! (NY State)

    Any idea when we can expect to see a ruling come down?
  11. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Totally agree. Especially, if he has ANY designs on shooting for a Senate seat here. He is term limited (at least has to take 4 years off - will have to sit out the 2023 Gubernatorial election) so will need to do something else at the height of his political career
  12. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Hopefully. Senate vote moved to Monday. No action now. When conference starts, I will be contacting my State Rep (not bad in this) and State Senator (true conservative). Will see what happens this time.
  13. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Senate bill (more restrictive than bill that passed the House - residency requirement) being voted on today here in LA
  14. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Passed the House 64-27 this evening
  15. Constitutional Carry tracker.

    Thank you. I am not optimistic, but will keep the pressure up on our Reps and Senators and pester the Governor as well. And do it all again next year and the year after until it gets through. Take a page from the left’s playbook.
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