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  1. "Gun Control's" down-side

    Posters like this always confuse me. The OP joined 2 years ago and this is his first post. Bob
  2. What have you seen lately?

    Only one little one? You must have a lot of predators there.
  3. What have you seen lately?

    It’s always cool to see a piebald deer. Did she have any fawns with her. Bob
  4. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    White: Nonbinary people with multiple genders
  5. Antlerless deer tag

    Maybe I will do better with my doe permits. Zone 8 has 73% odds of getting a doe permit and I get one every 4 years or so. My customer ID number must have been cursed in the old system.😆😆 Like @Spanz said, it’s a new system and a new company. Hopefully the antlerless permit lottery isn’t a...
  6. Antlerless deer tag

    As a general rule, I put in for my doe tag when I buy my license but the new system was screwed up soI had to do it later. Bob
  7. Why can’t Jesus just give these people cancer

    I understand how they work. You don’t “just push them on the bottom of the gun” Thats where the super large capacity clip thingy goes. Bob
  8. Why can’t Jesus just give these people cancer

    The next one will be worse if Maura is our new Governo. printer. “My home printer can’t even print a sheet of paper, but 3D printers are making pieces that assemble, and Glock switches are something that you just push on a bottom of a gun…and you go from a semi-automatic to an automatic...
  9. Your New Knife!

    What a great find and an awesome little knife. Most new hunters think that they need a big “Rambo knife” to dress their deer and they couldn’t be more wrong. The Schrade Old Timer (sharp finger) was/is a very popular knife that has been around for years and has dressed a lot of deer in the hand...
  10. What have you seen lately?

    A well fed bobcat came through in a hurry. It’s great to see that the two brothers survived the season and winter.
  11. The Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment: How Foolish Are We?

    You left out that bees are fish and men can have abortions. The Constitution and Bill of Rights should be read aloud to all members of Congress at the beginning of each session. Bob
  12. Multiple killed after ‘mass shooting’ at Maryland factory

    The hits keep coming….. Multiple people were killed in a Maryland mass shooting Thursday, officials said.WUSA9 A number of people were killed during a “mass shooting” in Maryland on Thursday, reports said. The shooting took place in Smithsburg at around 2:30 p.m. and the Washington County...
  13. Trail camera thread. Post ur trail camera photos.

    Ruffled Grouse. Nice to see. Bob
  14. Spring foraging walk 6/11/22

    Which guide book do you recommend?
  15. What *could* pass?

    Their idea of compromise is that they take less. Not one more law.
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