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  1. Cell Phones

    if you have just canceled your contract with your previous carrier and you really need to have that number back, you may try to call them up [old carrier] as that number could still be available. The reason why they can not offer it to you is they are not permitted by law to invite you back...
  2. Cell Phones

    Sorry to hear that. I know it was an agonizing process... and it was really a headache... [cry]
  3. Cell Phones

    right, you have to have the number ported succesfully before canceling your contract with your previous carrier. BUT IN CASE YOU HAVE DONE IT [CANCELED YOUR OLD CONTRACT] WITHIN 24 HOURS AND YOU REALLY NEED HAVE THAT NUMBER BACK [as you can not afford to loose it].... you may.... [not...
  4. My First Firearm :)

    As I understand the QA is a favorite amongst competition shooters... particularly those who shoots for IDPA.
  5. Cell Phones

    ... what I could advise for you here... [shocking ha... an advise coming from Manila about celfone in America.. dont get surprised... ] First you have to advise your wife to call the carrier, not unless your authorized by your wife] and advise them that you would be shiftin to a lower rate...
  6. My First Firearm :)

    As I have heard the S&W99 has a better magazine components than the German made magazine! I was also planning to get myself a Walther but I will going to get myselft a 1911 first since I already got a revolver and a semi-auto SA. But a 99 is a dream gun... fact is budget is a bit tight...
  7. New folks check in and say, Hi!

    Welcome aboard! [wink]
  8. Interesting Picture of a High School Shooting Competition

    Down here you will be treated like a royalty! $$$[wink]
  9. New folks check in and say, Hi!

    Welcome! [wink]
  10. Left hand Friendly Pistols

    ... since I am not a glock fan, as I find the glock to be finicky when it comes to ammos, I would be willing to invest a little more. Could save more money in the long run with cheap ammos which P99 could take. Walther can just eat anything! Havent heard of any kBs with a Walther so far...
  11. Vacation

    Sorry for the loss. Our condolonces.
  12. Caption Fun 11-8-05

    Where can I have my hamster trained? I think this could be our ultimate home protection!
  13. Caption Fun 11-8-05

    [... dig in at back pocket with left hand and took out white handkerchief... ] [....blows nose] I've got cold!
  14. Left hand Friendly Pistols

    ..have any idea how much its gonna cost in the US? Looks like they have just made it more beautiful... better.
  15. Left hand Friendly Pistols

    ... another thing that is good about it is that you dont have to change grip to remove the magazine, you could just basically use your trigger finger. It's just a one hand operation... left or right hand! [wink]
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