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  1. And more interesting news

    reap what you sow
  2. Democrats Aim To Pass The Most Aggressive Gun-control Legislation

    Saw this posted elsewhere... The piece of legislation is sponsored by New Jersey Rep. Frank Pallone and has been co-sponsored by 16 other House Democrats. Officially known as H.R. 7115, the bill has been laughably misnamed as the “3D...
  3. seeking Advice for transfer of inherited firearms ( in state Mass.)

    Hi Y'all, My Father passed away ( 94 years old, he had a good run) and I'm seeking advice on how to transfer some firearms ( shotgun, 22 rifle, and a 22 pistol) to my Brother and Sister, who both have the Mass class A permit. Thanks, LT
  4. Digital 2m/70cm

    How can you tell if a radio you're looking at is compliant/certified with the DMR standard ? For example, the Radioddity website listing for the GD-77 states "GD-77 has both Tier I & II and is compatible with Motorola and other DMR radios." and on the same site, their description for the...
  5. Digital 2m/70cm

    question - if you had to choose 2M or 70 cm due to the HT not being dual band, which is better ? I noticed on the database/, most if not all of the repeaters registered in SOuth Carolina are the 70 cm.... looking at reviews for the TYT MD-380 and MD-390 HT - some like these...
  6. amateur radio use of the 630 and 2200-meter bands

    FCC has authorized amateur radio use of the 630 and 2200-meter bands, effective October 16, 2017, providing registration procedures have been followed and no objections are received within 30 days
  7. Digital 2m/70cm

    Can you provide more info on the " same DMR dual-band HT he uses ($97 delivered)" ? Thanks !
  8. is this Baofeng radio good ?

    Wonder if this radio is any good for 2m use ? Thanks, LT KB1WDF ******************** nevermind...did some more searching...looks like the answer is "not so good" here's a review :
  9. Tell me about your K31

    I always found that my K31's were just as accurate as my Swedish Mausers...and the K31 reloading using 30 caliber bullets is a nice feature too....
  10. Gold and silver prices are down

    These would be great for Christmas Gifts to my Libtard Daughter, Nieces and Nephews.......have to remember to have the Camera ready for when they unwrap the gift to catch the priceless expression on their faces....LOL
  11. What a day to shoot

    going to be close to 80 degrees later this week.....watched people water skiing on the lake today...t-shirt and shorts weather for sure y' glad I moved from NH...[smile]
  12. Just caused an ANTI to get an "F" on their paper (hopefully)

    maybe the Student can get a "participation medal" for submitting the term paper, even though it was full of "fake facts" that they didn't do research on... and how the heck is giving a realistic grade, even if it's an "F", for a term paper based on the actual contents, quality, etc. end up...
  13. Foraging books?

    Looks like you can get a e-book PDF file version for $11 here :
  14. Considering move out of New England.

    we moved from New Hampshire in 2015 to the very western part of South Carolina ( UpState)- on Lake Keowee , near Greenville. We like it here a lot - reaL estate taxes are 1/10th of what I was paying in NH, and this house is bigger and on the lake. We pay $143 / month for electricity - and this...
  15. Shipping rifle via usps.

    if shipping USPS, and something goes wrong ( lost/broken/etc.) and you need to file insurance claim, note that once you declare the insurance claim involves a firearm, it then also requires you provide a stamped/signed copy of the ps-1508 form.
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