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  1. Pistol Optics

    I can only speak for me but I currently have two pistol red dot optics, a Holosun 507C with the ACSS reticle, which is a 100+ moa circle and an 8 moa chevron. The circle is huge so that when you present the optic and the chevron isn’t lined up, you can see the curve of the circle and you...
  2. SD9 or Shield 2.0? Help me out

    I’ve had both and neither is a great “do all” pistol. Get the Shield for now but get something larger with a rail for the house later. Think about something between those sizes as well.
  3. What gunsmith to go to for removing Bayonet Lug and pin+weld?

    Steve at Northeast Arms on route 1 in Peabody did mine and it was perfect. Highly recommended.
  4. If Only He Had A 9mm

    Definitely clowns. They taste funny.
  5. WTS Please Delete

    Duplicate please delete - sorry
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