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    How many Strike at Karkand's did it take for you to come up with that one.
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    you care buddy , Oh you care !
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    when you post a picture of YOU at "Green Ramp" I'll give you a response.
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    "thanks champ"
  6. centermass181 AKA xcento

    Sorry that I can spare an hour or 2 to hang out with my remeber real people right? "thanks champ"
  7. centermass181 AKA xcento

    History of last 31 days: [Advanced History] -PlayTime - 18.02.2007 : 01:27:46 20.02.2007 : 02:38:59 21.02.2007 : 03:12:06 22.02.2007 : 05:01:21 23.02.2007 : 01:03:04 24.02.2007 : 02:43:00 Total: 16:06:16
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  9. flashlights, Maglight and MiniMaglight upgrades best flashlight !
  10. NES FPS Gamers

    xfire do any of you guys use xfire? It's a super fast way to see who is playing and join a game without searching through the game multiplayer interface.
  11. Caption This

    "thats Not A War Face! Now Let Me See Your War Face!"
  12. What do you look like?

    is this not the best line you have ever read : "Gayle is the head sex slave in the New Kingdom. But when the government moves in to hurt her family, she decides “enough is enough” and goes after the very people who kept her nude and fed. "
  13. What do you look like?

    Don't hate the player , hate the MOS !
  14. What do you look like?

    i meen
  15. What do you look like?

    gotta love the infantry
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