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  1. Bloomturd a Eagle Scout??????!!!!!!!!!!!

    I would bet he was a Hall Monitor, too.
  2. Trapdoor rifles

    A lot of the blame for the defeat at Little Bighorn rests squarely on Custer's shoulders. He exceeded his orders and divided his forces in the face of a numerically superior enemy, without knowing their whereabouts. Sadly, his troops paid the price.
  3. Winnipeg police hunting for maker of homemade guns

    Amateurs View:
  4. The elusive out of stock magazine
  5. 6 killed in New Jersey gunbattle

  6. Afghanistan report- US government has misled the public for 20 years

    Whatever your views on Vice News, at least some of this must be true. View:
  7. Help with ID of two mystery rifles

    My best guess, first one is a sporterized Japanese Arisaka, second one is a Lee Enfield No 5 Mk 1 jungle carbine, bayonet is a US m1905, will fit on a m1903 Springfield or M1 Garand, but was originally designed for the Springfield.
  8. 'Throne Down': Over 60 Latin King Gang Members Arrested in Mass.

    Doesn't need bullets, people will die laughing.
  9. 'Throne Down': Over 60 Latin King Gang Members Arrested in Mass.

    The problem is, they don't. My theory, as to why, is this. They acted, because there were assets to seize. Unless there are assets to seize, those people arrested are only going to cost the Government money ( trial, incarceration, etc.). Also the risk of someone getting hurt during the arrest...
  10. Amazon won't sell me a BB Gun?

    He'll shoot his eye out, how about a nice lamp instead.$150---$249.99&utm_content=28434&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIqfSs9OKc5gIVEJ6fCh2KnwlaEAQYASABEgIOHfD_BwE
  11. Details on Converting Garand to .308?

    Kind of looks like an Italian BM59 barrel and front end, could be wrong.
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