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  1. OMG please talk me out of this. (Gun cleaning mat)

    For the guy that as a range in the house, only $100,000
  2. OMG please talk me out of this. (Gun cleaning mat)

    LoL, I put none alcoholic for the one that would call me out on the safety issue of alcohol and guns 😁
  3. OMG please talk me out of this. (Gun cleaning mat)

    Sarcasm lost on you then
  4. OMG please talk me out of this. (Gun cleaning mat)

    Ok I have CDO which is a hundred times worse then OCD, yes you heard me you amateurs. So I stumbled on this YouTube video about cleaning a P320, because well, the thumbnail caught my eye. OMG, the cleaning mat, tools and set up look like long forgotten craftsmanship. You’re talking sipping...
  5. ammo cost

    Precovid, I was paying 90cents a round for Sierra Match King and was able to reload for around 60cents. I still have stock but I don’t shot my 308 as much now, I wait until I get a decent length range. Harry
  6. HOLY SH*T! 4406Packman just came through!

    Dam Post. I lost so many birthday presents I have paid for and shipped but never arrived. At least you got yours.
  7. Detective sues Sig Sauer after she says her holstered P320 handgun nearly killed her

    it’s getting worse, I read about another case in the news. guy was shot in the back of his head with his sig p320 Mrs Wilkes of South Carolina, still saddened by a husband’s untimely death stated. “My husbands 320 was unloaded in the safe with a chamber flag inserted, when it fired out of the...
  8. Somerville police officer sues Sig Sauer, says weapon fired on its own

    I see a lot of this in the news right now. For a short while I’m prepared to come and collect your unsafe p320 free of charge. I normally charge for safety services but as these are clearly a danger to their owners I willing to do this as a community service. Don’t be a victim, before you...
  9. Karma 1911 Tool

    In thanks
  10. Are you a Karen or a Dickhead?

    If I was a math a**hole I would point out it’s 15.4% and not 16, but I’m not, so I won’t :p
  11. Are you a Karen or a Dickhead?

    According to a friend, If you choose the right parlor and pay cash they normally don't charge you tax anyway.
  12. Deals and steals

    They sold out 8:10, 10 minutes in, I wanted one of the 4th of July USA flag versions, they sold out fast. I tried for one of these by the time I could get the site to load as it was having issues with everyone attempting at the same time, they were gone.
  13. Kentucky Woman Kills Man With BB Gun

    I'm out of date with the modern day euphemisms, I have seen "Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead" so I know what a "Buckwheat" means but what sexual prevention is a "Cherry Way Murder"
  14. The Gun That Killed Billy The Kid Is Going Up For Auction. Starting Bid: $2 Million

    Can they prove that gun shot Billy the Kid, some say Garrett shot the wrong man and Billy escaped. To complicate matters further, at least two men emerged decades later who were believed by some to be Billy
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