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  1. License ordered in ridiculous denial

    Thank you for what you do.
  2. Accidental Shooting Deaths By Kids Up 31%

    So if you have one accidental shooting death a 31% increase would be 1.31 accidental shooting deaths. Numbers, percents, volume all are able to be stated in a way that it suits those who have an agenda.
  3. Are you a Karen or a Dickhead?

    I bought a bottle of weed killer at AUBUCHON.....that was about it.
  4. Gold and silver prices are down

    I have mastered the art of plausible deniability.........
  5. Gold and silver prices are down

    Keep your powder dry. Silver likely slips a bit more then rallies back up again in the fall. Let it slip back a bit more then jump in and make a buy. If it doesn't work out I'll deny I wrote this :)
  6. Gold and silver prices are down

    The most beautiful coin ever minted.
  7. First rifle for 13 year boy ?

    Remington dropped the line 2 yrs ago but the the break action Handi-Rifle in the .243 was a great choice for a young shooter. Would think a few used ones are out there.
  8. Green member STOLE MY MONEY! Beware of 4406packman!

    That SUCKS. Christopher B you are hear by duly summoned to show up here post haste and present your side of the story. You have the floor.
  9. Need help - Ripped off on line

    I seem to remember this scammer as the son of some guy living in Maine who works at Puritan. Or it just could be a similar case.
  10. Police officer sues Sig Sauer alleging weapon fired by itself

    There are other cases and lawsuits.
  11. Need help - Ripped off on line

    Is the seller that scam artist from Maine again?
  12. Remington is really stepping in it.... offer to settle

    The Mother purchased the gun legally and Remington isn't liable for a damn thing. Yet this action stabs all other gun manufactures and gun owners in the back as more of this crap will certainly follow.
  13. Home intruder tries to remove Ring camera. Gets a face full of Glock instead

    Perhaps for intimidation effect? The homeowner was clearly in control.
  14. Man points firearm at driver during Littleton road rage incident, police say

    Was he passing in a no passing zone so the victim beeped at him?
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