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  1. DIY USA Glock 17 Magazine Modification

    A dermel with a small cutting wheel would be a good option if you do another one
  2. WTS Sig 1911 9mm

    Rain is on the way price drop
  3. WTS Sig 226 10 round mags

    For sale sig 226 10 round mags all metal, very lightly used 4 avalable $30 each or all 4 for $110 All laws apply and will be followed
  4. SW 929, Ruger Super GP100 or other?

    Was that double action or single action??
  5. WTS VP 9 sold

  6. WTS Sig 226 Legion SAO

  7. Best Carry 1911 $1,000 or Less

    Sig ultra in 9mm , something to be said for the external extractor in a carry gun,
  8. WTS Hk VP9

    Price adjustment bump
  9. WTS Sig 226 SAO Legion 9mm

    Price adjustment bump
  10. SW 929, Ruger Super GP100 or other?

    I believe they are having an I core match at Harvard this year which is a revolver game. Moon clips rule for revolver games even in 38 special. From what I,ve heard if your starting the revolver game 9mm is recommended over 38 because it's a shorter Cartrage and there for faster to eject and...
  11. Glock 17 or VP 9 ? Owners

    VP 9 though Gluck is easier to change out parts. Paddle release is faster once your used to it one, of my favorite parts of the vp 9
  12. Thank you clients and friends.

  13. What did you do to your firearm today.

    How long did it take and what are your thoughts on the upgrade? Did you also polish?
  14. First guns

    If you are looking at action sports you should consider your options before spending $800 on a 22 pistol. the S&W 41 is well reguarded as a bullseye gun and I believe MRA has a team. (Bullseye is typically shot one handed hence the grip on the 41) If you are looking at action sports steel...
  15. .22 revolver question.

    S&W 63 basically a 22 j frame 3" barrel 8 shot, fiber optic front sight, Wilson makes springs to lighten the double action pull a bit
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