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  1. No Surgical Mask for you!

    ... in the article that I linked to
  2. Thank god we were home !!

    Glad you caught it in time! About a year ago I heard a loud :clunk: upstairs, followed bu the wife yelling for me. The reservoir on our toilet decided to randomly crack and water was spilling all over the floor. Quick pickup with towels, but if we were not home it would have been a nightmare.
  3. No Surgical Mask for you!

    How does the new coronavirus compare with the flu? This article says that 14k have died from the flu, of the 26 million infected, or 0.05% mortality vs. Covid19 which has killed 2k out of 75k illnesses or 2.6%
  4. No Surgical Mask for you!

    Saw a seller listing them for $200 per pack of 10 or something like that. Sold 45 in the last 24 hours. Free international shipping though! Lol
  5. WTS SOG Seal Pup - Seki Japan

    Slightly used SOG seal pup made in Seki Japan $80 shipped
  6. SOLD Withdrawn

  7. Super Tuesday

    Feel the Bern.
  8. Winchester .22 lr ammo Red box misfires

    Winchester bulk .22 in the white box is the worst that I have ever used. Still have a few boxes left, uggh..
  9. KAC rear sights legit?

    Been doing some more reading here and there and am back on the fence. Some folks saying that the USMC ordered a bunch and then decided not to use them, so they liquidated the inventory via gov auction. This in turn flooded the civilian market and dropped the price way down. KAC obviously not...
  10. KAC rear sights legit?

    They are all over. These were the specific ones I was looking at: WTS: Knights Armament Company (KAC) rear sights $55 - The AK Files Forums
  11. KAC rear sights legit?

    Worth a read: How are so many USMC sights out there for sale? - AR15.COM My guess is Chinese knockoffs. I think auction would make sense if there were a few sellers, but these things seem to be coming from all over the place. Sometimes deals are too good to be true! But I am such a sucker...
  12. KAC rear sights legit?

    What is with all the KAC rear sights for sale on eBay, forums etc.. for like $50-65 and marked with USMC. They retail for like $170. Are these things legit or some Chinese knockoff? Asked one seller and he said they came from a government auction. Why would the government auction off an absurd...
  13. Quality or Quantity?

    When I first started shooting I balked at the exorbitant prices of some handguns and rifles. “Who in their right mind could justify spending that much on a gun?!,” I thought. Well, apparently this guy about 12 years later. I have watched my collection slowly transform from inexpensive...
  14. .45 Shield

    Do you only shoot factory ammo? If so, I am sure S&W will take care of it though. If you reload they may give you a hard time.
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