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  1. Colt comption 45 acp

    Had a nice 9mm 1911, very nice shooting and very accurate. It just always bothered me though being a 9mm like it was some kind of imposter or something. Ended up selling it off to fund a proper .45 which I barely shoot now. Maybe I would shoot it more of it were a 9mm [rofl]
  2. Kitchen knives Victorinox takes the cake and will not break the bank either
  3. Where to buy Steel in Worcester / Metro West Area

  4. Where to buy Steel in Worcester / Metro West Area

    I picked up set of dueling tree paddles from SI Targets and now I need to build a tree. Can anybody recommend a place in the Worcester / Metro West area to walk in and by steel? I am not exactly sure what I will need, so I would like to be able to look around. All of the places that I am...
  5. Ak47

    I imagine that would cost a whole lot more than just buying a pre ban or building a post ban with new parts. Do you want the ratty old worn out AK look that you would then have to make AWB compliant (assuming you are in MA)?
  6. Funny Picture and Video of the Day MEGATHREAD!!!

  7. Deals and steals 5 pack of enhanced buffer springs for $20 shipped. I think they have carbine and rifle
  8. Another O-light sale

    Got my free keychain light last night :)
  9. 2020 Black Friday deals

    Mass Firearms is doing their 50% off classes again. I have taken a few and they were all good.
  10. Adoption in MA for gun owners

    Don’t try to hide anything, just be upfront and honest. As of a few years ago, DCF (state agency) is fine with guns, provided they are stored in a safe. If he is going through a private agency, just ask them prior to the inspection. If they have a no gun policy or something, find a different...
  11. AR 15 .22LR Conversion Kits - GTG?

    Any of you guys using a CMMG kit with a SSAE trigger? I am reading that the hammer may not be the preferred shape
  12. Closed ******Green pastures........edit** karma , free stuff here

    In. Count your blessings brother!
  13. AR 15 .22LR Conversion Kits - GTG?

    I have been eying a CMMG .22 LR conversion kit recently. Barrel on the upper has a 1/7 twist rate and I would be using primarily bulk federal ammo. Anybody have any experience with CMMG or other brand kits? Reliability? Accuracy?
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