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  1. Any one want an armslist chuckle?

    Wait, is Steve gone? I made a couple of great purchases from him. -Gary
  2. Congressman: ‘If you wanna take everyone’s AR-15 in America why don’t you swing by my office…?’

    Invoked special "David Gregory" rules. It isn't illegal if someone "special" does it. -Gary
  3. Breaking News: Chuck Todd signals his support for Aryan Nations!

    I always knew he was a closet White Supremacist! Seriously, though, this is a shot from the Today Show on Tuesday, 2/4. Chuck was actually talking about how typically only the top three finishers in the Idaho caucuses have any real chance. I was just struck by his use of the White Power sign...
  4. Vote Jim Wallace for NRA Board

  5. Massachusetts AG Healey sues Trump Administration over 3D-printed guns

    So, let me get this straight . . . even though it is perfectly legal to build your own firearm, according to MA law (don't forget to register!) and federal law (give it a unique serial number and do some paperwork when you sell, or just keep it and don't bother), now we are getting all pissy...
  6. FULL VIDEO: Stanford’s smartest leftists show up to battle D’Souza

    Wow, great presentation. Thanks for highlighting this! -Gary
  7. Autopsies Show Man Killed Woman, Then Self (murder-suicide)

    Wait, I thought two shots to the head was Arkancide. -Gary
  8. Ever wonder what the ridiculous SPLC thinks of Cody Wilson?

    The Southern Preposterous Lie Center has turned identifying "hate groups" into a cottage industry. They figured out that they could get donations by finding new "threats" that folks could be scared of. Totally pathetic. -Gary
  9. So far there have been SIX people who've been ERPO'd in MA

    Good gosh, David Rosmarin is quite the tool, isn't he? WBUR calls him an MD, but I can only find a Mass license for him as a Psychologist. -Gary
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