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  1. Hudson man arrested for shooting at a vehicle

    Couple weeks ago I went to MFS on a Saturday and had some one hit my target that was 15 away. So, I can’t say I’m surprised
  2. Brawl breaks out at Bernie Sanders rally over ‘Black Guns Matter’ shirt

    I was promised a brawl not 5 seconds of wrestling
  3. Boston Red Sox 2020

    Looks like the Sox are a small market team now
  4. Super Bowl Ads

    I like the quibi? So far. Never heard of it though. So far everything else is meh.
  5. Bloomberg $10 Million Anti-Gun Super Bowl Ad

    Didn’t even know you could do that. Thanks for the heads up
  6. Bloomberg $10 Million Anti-Gun Super Bowl Ad

    Every time I go on Facebook I’m hit with a Bloomberg at. So the positive here is that I’ll have a different one to see soon.
  7. Anyone have a Ruger Wrangler?

    Shooter supply has them
  8. Handcuffed man shot inside police cruiser

    To the cops.. I personally do not see how I could grab an officers gun with my hands behind my back then put the officer in enough danger that he could immediately remove it from my hands. However, I’ve never been cuffed. My question is do you think it’s possible for a suspect to remove your...
  9. Handcuffed man shot inside police cruiser

    The only time I’ve ever been in a police car was when I was left somewhere and was walking on a highly traveled road with no sidewalk and an officer gave me a ride. I’m a pretty big dude and I barely fit in the back. Not completely comfortable but I’m bigger than most and I fit back there...
  10. Input for a gun club

    I currently go to mass firearm but am looking for something closer. It’s a nice range right down the street from Shaws in Ashland
  11. Input for a gun club

    what caliber rifles are allowed? And do the still not allow FMJ ammo? If so how hard is it to find 9mm not in fmj
  12. Handcuffed man shot inside police cruiser

    That was quick, he was charged with murder. The chief said he didn't believe pcp was involved and that the officer shot 7 times
  13. Handcuffed man shot inside police cruiser “The man was shot multiple times by the officer's service weapon” And you guys tell me that guns can’t shoot people on their own
  14. Wormtown Worcester’s bravest availability?

    Brewery in Worcester on Millbrook street. I enjoy pulp daddy
  15. 4 year olds dies from gun dropping while wrestling with his father I don’t see how one could ever think it’s a good a idea to tuck a gun into their waste and to wrestle with their child. Also saw that it was a Glock aren’t they suppose...
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