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  1. Gun Club closure megathread

    North Leominster Road and Gun Club is closed also.
  2. Anyone still have their NES Zippo?

    I believe there is at least one company at the mill in Littleton that does laser engraving, The Arms Dealer.
  3. Anyone still have their NES Zippo?

    I'd be in if there is another group buy!
  4. Which grips took better?

    Greg, #1 is the best choice. The grain and contrasts in that one really are outstanding.
  5. Tell me about Ayer

    I moved to Ayer just a year ago and it's been great so far. My LTC is up next April so I don't know yet how that process is. It is close to the Littleton Mill, I make frequent stops there.
  6. Question about being married across state lines

    I'll be celebrating our 47th anniversary in May! It's been a great ride.
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