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  1. Quick Review - Tipton Ultimate Vise/Stand

    Good to know, I’m shopping for a gun vise and I didn’t know that they made this stand alone version. Bench space is always a premium.
  2. EDC flashlight recommendations

    My edc light is a quark mini MLR2. Very bright, multiple settings. Long battery life. Takes a pounding. It’s in my pocket every day since the group but here for it many years ago. Big enough so you don’t lose it in your pocket, small enough you don’t know it’s there. Best part is you can turn it...
  3. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  4. Walking is faster than USPS

    I will never use the USPS for any shipping. They are terrible and don't stand up to their promises
  5. Bad day at the range with the 357

    LGS transferred ownership of a new GP100 today courtesy of Ruger Customer Service. I always liked Ruger's (well most of them anyway!), but I am now a cheerleader for them!
  6. Bad day at the range with the 357

    Ruger called me this morning. It’s not in my hand yet so I’m careful with my comments but all I will say as if right now is Ruger is awesome. They have a stand up customer service policy. I suppose I could have negotiated a bit, but I’m not trying to put them out of business, just put a...
  7. Bad day at the range with the 357

    I’m going to hold off on additional commments until I get an answer from Ruger. I will keep you all posted.
  8. Bad day at the range with the 357

    Who wants to see what shooting 357’s from the ultimate snub nose revolver is like?
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