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  1. Your POV

    LE is dangerous and stressful enough on the clock. Out of your jurisdiction, off duty, with your POV & in plain clothes? Unless it's an epic car accident, call 911 and keep driving.
  2. Question about purchase in MA taken to Texas

    Any federal confiscation would probably have it's own set of rules to follow. Also, the Feds have offices in every state, so they wouldn't necessarily need to contact your local sheriff [wink].
  3. Muzzleloader shipped to Mass

    When my email tells me I have a PM, I log in and post sometimes [laugh]. Ehhhhhh...there's some issues with this case. Catch this little gem?: Brilliant conclusion. If it's not specifically stated to be legal, it is actually illegal in Mass. [thinking] So unless the legislature allows for...
  4. Muzzleloader shipped to Mass

    That's only one part of the law. Short answer is caselaw changes that.
  5. Question about purchase in MA taken to Texas

    269-10(i) makes it a felony (to the feds) to violate 140-129D by not surrendering your guns when your license is voided for whatever reason. You're required to bring them all to your local police department, but you're not required to make any statements. Re-reading my last post in the context...
  6. Muzzleloader shipped to Mass

    Remember state law is more restrictive than fed law on this subject. BP rifles are fine, BP handguns are the exact same as regular handguns under MGL, subject to all the same legal shenanigans as a Glock or 1911. Correctimundo. Not necessarily.
  7. Question about purchase in MA taken to Texas

    This isn't as hypothetical as you'd imagine, and luckily for you there's binding caselaw on this subject. In Massachusetts, you're required to complete FA-10's under most circumstances. However there's no requirement that you give any other testimony or provide any assistance to law...
  8. Massachusetts Lawyers Specializing in Firearm Law

    That language he referenced was established specifically in a case about LTC "suitability," however the case it piggybacks off of has nothing to do with firearms, but is in reference to discretion in general by a public official. I agree with Jesse, it just hasn't been hammered out to apply to...
  9. WTF? Ammo jammed my Glock

    I honestly don't recall where I bought it, but the box is intact. I'd fired about 60% of the rounds in the box when this happened so I still have the rest. And I just meant I'll be examining all defense ammo in general closer, since this round didn't look or feel strange when loading the...
  10. WTF? Ammo jammed my Glock

    Was at the range today shooting & halfway through a magazine full of WWB the gun wouldn't go into battery. I tried chambering it a couple times from different magazines but it stayed the same each time. Closer inspection showed that the case on the .357 SIG round was slightly longer than...
  11. Carrying in NJ

    I love how every LE thread devolves into this ^ [rolleyes] To the OP, my vote is to spend your tax dollars in a state that views you as a human with a life worth defending.
  12. Black Power Revolver
  13. can i take a non licensed person shooting

    The list of federally prohibited persons puts felons in the exact same category as people with misdemeanor DV convictions.
  14. Black Power Revolver

    That's because you need an LTC to even possess a BP pistol.
  15. can i take a non licensed person shooting

    Exactly. I wouldn't go out running backgrounds on every range guest, but if there's even the slightest question, they can flirt with prison using someone else's guns. Interestingly pre GCA-68, when it was still legal for felons to buy guns, some gun stores still had their customers sign a...
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