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  1. Reloads for a Springfield M1A?

    No help on the reloads but you made a excellent choice on a rifle . Enjoy it
  2. Happy days are here again.

    Enjoy the time with your loved ones Jack .
  3. What to get next............?

    Your in Nevada so i assume you can pick up a Ar in .556 resonbly priced . I would do that and put the rest of your budget into ammo .
  4. Prep of The Day Thread

    Our old chest freezer quite so im cleaning it out and plugged the drain hole . Going to use to store our rice , beans and pasta . Should be rodent safe
  5. COVID lasting effects

    Hope the kids get better , nothing worse than seeing a child suffer
  6. if you guys don't have anything new to say...

    Just a plug for Noodler's . Ive been using their polar black . Its a little slow drying for you left handers like me. But runs great in my older pens . Runs great like talking about a 1911haha . Check it out , great ink
  7. if you guys don't have anything new to say...

    The grey is my every day pen , its a Esterbrok as is the the black bell system . The black and gold is a Cartier . Silver is a Lamy
  8. if you guys don't have anything new to say...

    Yup the montblanc is the real deal . They are cleaner than they look in the photo . I keep them in a glass cabinet with my pocket watches
  9. if you guys don't have anything new to say...

    Heres mine ..i switch between Pelikan and noodlers ink
  10. What did you do to your firearm today.

    I gave them all a nice massage with Ballistol.
  11. Locations with Ammo?

    They might be open by appointment only
  12. Locations with Ammo?

    The Gun Rack in turners falls ma. had buck last time I was in there about a week ago. I picked up a couple boxes of Aguila mini shells for about 19 bucks per 20 rds
  13. What are you listening to today?

    My Rifle My Pony And Me , Dean Martin.
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