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  1. Goodbye my friend

    I know what you're going through. Sorry for your lose
  2. Anyone Here Own A S&W 22 Victory? Do You Like It?

    Just a follow up . I've had no problems with the saftey on mine
  3. Anyone Here Own A S&W 22 Victory? Do You Like It?

    I have one and really like it . Its trigger is desent and its accurate.
  4. Reloads for a Springfield M1A?

    No help on the reloads but you made a excellent choice on a rifle . Enjoy it
  5. What to get next............?

    Your in Nevada so i assume you can pick up a Ar in .556 resonbly priced . I would do that and put the rest of your budget into ammo .
  6. Prep of The Day Thread

    Our old chest freezer quite so im cleaning it out and plugged the drain hole . Going to use to store our rice , beans and pasta . Should be rodent safe
  7. What did you do to your firearm today.

    I gave them all a nice massage with Ballistol.
  8. Locations with Ammo?

    They might be open by appointment only
  9. Locations with Ammo?

    The Gun Rack in turners falls ma. had buck last time I was in there about a week ago. I picked up a couple boxes of Aguila mini shells for about 19 bucks per 20 rds
  10. how many round do you pack when conceal carry? [NOT GAY]

    Mag in the gun plus a spare and 100 rds stashed in the jeep . If I'm farther away from home then I can easily walk in a couple hours I throw in a shotgun with some extra shells .
  11. My range is now closed...

    Spinner and gong in the back yard look better all the time .. pretty much restricting my self to .22 rimfire for the time being . I don't want to advertise. Seems to be a lot of unknown cars out for a ride even though we are on a dead end .
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