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  1. Does anyone else have an extremely Liberal sibling?

    Sorry OP. I cut off my two leaching sisters years ago along with a brother. Sometimes true friends hold a deeper understanding and kinship than blood. Anytime you want to grab a drink or come over for some steak tips, let me know.
  2. Gun ownership tied to suicide deaths

    http://www.northeastshooters.com/vbulletin/off-topic/140470-what-rope-restrictions-would-you-support.html Two years ahead of ya..... lol
  3. Boston mayoral election

    Challenge Accepted; Martha Coakley will be your Governor
  4. No More Rifles in Califorina

    Oh hey yeah,. stick in there, no need to move, we can make it work.......
  5. Already getting impatient waiting for ltc

    Man that stinks, move to NH, took me a few days
  6. Comm2A on Dan Rea Thursday

    I listen in from 8 to 9 every night. Good luck guys.
  7. Paracord Fishing Lure

  8. My new 7 yr old range partner!

  9. John stops sell now !

    Nah Nah Nah Nah Catman
  10. shooting in Middleton

    Prayers are with him.
  11. How to Anodize Titanium Using Diet Coke and 9V batteries

    How to Anodize Titanium Using Diet Coke Figured some may find the info useful.
  12. Have you ever had your holster/gun catch on anything while you were carrying?

    "sorry my backs been killing me, give me a minute" would of explained a lot :)
  13. Rave Cinemas

    My wife saw it and said, "umm honey" I walled right past while saying "would you like us to be helpless?" She pulled me down and gave me a kiss and said thank you in my ear.
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