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  1. 1.03 seconds, react, ccw belt draw, 3 hits.

    I dont know, Ive been told this guy can juggle 4 WFO chainsaws and rub one out simutaneously. I think theres a vid somewhere on the interwebs. Tinkertoys may be right, just sayin
  2. Anyone Sharpen?

    The Lansky absolutely used to be the way to go for me, but I have since gone to the Wicked Edge system. It costs an absolute insane amount of money, but it absolutely lived up to its billing. Ive sharpened a few knives here and there over the years, using a few different systems, stones etc. The...
  3. Total moron turns in his AR

    Weve gotten 2 since the Florida deal. No one is fighting over them tho
  4. Knife Forum on NES?

    You couldnt have possibly made my day any better. Im in for the knife thread!
  5. Moving to a new town in Mass with a twist.

    Seriously, how did he not expect sarcasm?
  6. 9mm AR muzzle device help needed

    That was quick lol. OP what upper/mag combo did you use? My 9mm upper is a YHM, I have the 25 round stick mags from them as well. Its pretty dam quiet too. I havent fired .223 in so long its not funny, I have more fun with the 9mm!
  7. Bergdahl A Free Man

    Posts 45 and 47 nailed it, in my opinion anyways.
  8. "No Hunting" towns and P-A act funds?

    What, exactly do you think that means? That cops can hunt property that citizens cannot?
  9. LE in New England

    Mike, it sounds to me like youre heading for WOCS at Ft. Rucker ? I know a few cops that are also UH60 sticks, and their LE careers basically took a back seat to their .mil jobs. Wanting to be a WO tells me you want nothing to do with command, and just want to fly, and thats a good thing in my...
  10. Taunton: 13-year-old boy shot 12-year-old neighbor in case of “Facebook bullying"

    What exactly is your point? Is it not a good thing that the police came to that conclusion? It sounds to me like youre looking for someone to get rammed up the keester for improper storage, am I wrong?
  11. Military Rifle Policies

    Of all the memories to wake up in cold sweats and screaming from, Ill take slipping and falling and looking like a dumb ass for 1000 Alex! Whilst rockstarring my way around Afghanistan in 2011/2012, I was lucky(?) enough to fly "blue" air on many occasions. "Blue" air meant you were sardined...
  12. lost ltc

    make a report with the PD that covers the jurisdiction where you lost it, thats a good start
  13. Military Rifle Policies

    Yup sorry, Osprey was meant to replace the CH46, heavy lift is still the CH53. Im glad Ill never step foot in any one of them either way lol. If the MK48 gets fielded properly, youll never miss the M249. The IAR gunners would then be far more effective. That of course is in a perfect world.
  14. Military Rifle Policies

    USMC 03s are being issued IARs in the hope of giving the M249 the boot eventually, but Im sure that will be as quick as the Osprey / CH53 swap lol
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