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  1. Gun-toting congresswoman-elect may carry Glock at Capitol

    Well, at the very least, he got one thing right! [smile]
  2. My experience with NES members this past week.

    That happened to me on one of my transactions with a green member that legitimately forgot his pin. However, it was on a weekday and after he called Chelsea for his pin, the deal was done.
  3. Biden Gun tax

    Joe Boomer is too old to be a boomer.
  4. NES Green Membership Karma

    Congratulations, the RNG picked #20, Smokewagon.
  5. NES Green Membership Karma

    Since I just won a green membership karma courtesy of @vicpinto, I'm going to pay it forward by offering my own. If you are a non-green member, please post in. I'll pick a number next Tuesday, 11/17/20 (but only if I like you). ;)
  6. Gun Ban

    All that is needed for them to do is repeal the law protecting gun manufacturers from lawsuits. Gun manufacturers are the only industry that have this protection. If successful, they will sue gun manufacturers until all are out of business.
  7. Gun Ban
  8. The Sting Operation Will Put The Whole Democrats’ Ballot Fraud To An End

    I usually agree with you, but in this case, there is no way in hell that the US military will allow Chinese troops on American soil, even if Biden authorized it.
  9. 2020 election night drinking and commentary

    Okay, you win!
  10. 2020 election night drinking and commentary

    Me too, but not surprised. I saw many more Biden signs than Trump signs while driving around in NH.
  11. combination lock maintenance

    Slang for a safecracker. [laugh]
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