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  1. NES Golf Thread

    Yeah, I got a few early season kinks to work out as well, nothing too major though, just little things like keeping my head steady on my down swing and a slight grip adjustment. Went out and played Saturday and hot a legitimate 326yrd drive, measured with GPS, new Cleveland launch TL310 is...
  2. Question about local cops outside of their towns

    Funny thing is, the speed limits in Mass are set arbitrarily low to increase tickets revenue. In and in 2006 MassHighway traffic engineers recommended a speed limit increase. State Police vetoed the change, preferring the 99% violation rate that let them write tickets at will. Here's a link to...
  3. Obama warns 'unelected' Supreme Court

    The problem with anarchy is that it is a temporary political system, meaning it is not and can never be permanent. Once one person within an anarchist society becomes more and more powerful it starts to turn into a dictatorship, which is also a temporary political system since over time that...
  4. Show off your pets.

    Nah, little guy is only 31, but he's solid, just got back from the vet a week or so ago from his yearly check up, vet says he's healthy as they make em. He's the sweetest little guy though.
  5. Show off your pets.

    I may have you beat, for comparison my wife is 5'4". His name is Buster, AKA: Lord High Snort or the Royal Snort Snorts.
  6. [HUMOR] This is Mike

    It's Mike Muir, lead singer of "Suicidal Tendencies", the Pepsi bit is from one of their songs that came out on their 1984 album. Did some googleing [wink]
  7. I need help writing a resume.

    I was a recruiter for an engineering staffing firm for quite some time, moved into the IT group at the same company, I can help you out of you want to PM me with the info. The trick to a resume is to have a base resume with your experience on it at each job in bullet points, then customize it...
  8. Economic "Doom" Mega thread

    Precious Metals (ie; gold, silver, platinum, etc...)
  9. My Kids Are Never Going to Know...

    The Konami code, worked on almost all their games. [wink]
  10. Article: End Piracy, Not Liberty

    Have already signed and have written my congressman and senators.
  11. OK, now I'll bitch about them again...

    Sorry, I have Dish Network and my DVR and program guide are amazing [smile]
  12. vBulletin

    I'm using Tapatalk, looks the same to me. Sent from my Transformer TF101 using Tapatalk
  13. Time Magazine Honors "The Protester"

    Fixxah, I was responding to him with regards to who we're calling worthless trash, namely the OWS crowd, in no way do I support that scum.
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