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  1. My first 45-70

    The Marlin 1895 is a very strong rifle and will handle loads that are heavier than you'll want to shoot. I believe it has Ballard rifling instead of micro-groove so will shoot lead bullets as well as jacketed. Yes, it uses large rifle primers.
  2. What Happened to the Trail Boss Load Data?

    I did a little testing with Tralboss in the .38 special. I loaded some 125 grain lead for my daughter who doesn't like recoil. I also loaded some 158 grain plated with 5, 5.2, 5.4 and 5.6 grains. Velocities were 627, 727, 781 and 866. All loads were shot out of a 6" S&W model 14.
  3. My first 45-70

    I have several .45/70s and like the caliber. I just loaded some light loads for use in the trapdoor. The Sharps shoots heavier loads and some of the 1886 loads are not pleasant to shoot. The cartridge can be loaded from very light to just shy of the .458 Winchester. It is very dependent on what...
  4. Cali struggles to keep illegal guns and ammunition from crossing state lines

    Divide California into North California and South California and give South California back to Mexico.
  5. Terrorists prefer attacking “unarmed crowds”: According to the Texas Dept. of Public Safety

    What a revelation. Did the Texas taxpayers pay for this study?
  6. Glock 49 10mm 8 round gun for SHOT Show 2020

    All the double stack Glocks feel blocky to me. A single stack will probably be thin like a 43 but may be a bit difficult to control in 10mm.
  7. I'll bring the ammo and pizza if...

    I have a heavy barrel model 41. It's very accurate and has never jammed. Can't you rent one at a place like MFS or Manchester Firing Line? If you can't find any place closer, you can shoot mine at Harvard.
  8. Boys, 13 and 15, charged with robbing man with replica machine gun in Dorchester

    Too bad the victim didn't have a real gun.
  9. Knife Crime in the UK ...

    Remove the points. What a great idea because everyone knows you can't stab someone with a blunt knife or slash them with a sharp edge. Morons
  10. Unique for 44 magnum?

    Unique is not difficult to ignite so you don't need magnum primers but if that's all you have you should be fine with such low pressure loads.
  11. open top

    I don't know how to post pictures. I'm from the pencil and paper era. Some( like Jack for example) might even say I still use stone tablets. I'll ask my daughter to post pictures.
  12. Unique for 44 magnum?

    As Michael J Spangler said Unique is a fine choice for mid range loads. It's an old and very versatile powder. I've used many pounds of it over the years in a lot of handgun and rifle calibers.
  13. open top

    I've had the open top out twice now and shot loads with Unique, Trailboss and black powder. So far Trailboss is the winner but it's a good shooter with everything I've tried. I'll try some BE-86 and use that if it shoots as well as Trailboss only because I have a lot of it.
  14. Couple Arrested For Baiting Bike Thieves Then Beating The F--k Out Of Them

    Apparently it's ok to steal stuff in California.
  15. Baltimore sees 12 shot, 5 dead in just 1 day of shootings

    I keep hoping that someone will realize that more gun laws are not the answer. It's probably just a pipe dream.
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