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  1. WTS Genuine GLOCK 27 magazines , added capacity

    Selling 2 genuine GLOCK magazines, in excellent condition, that I forgot I had. Mags are 9-round .40 caliber for the GLOCK G27 subcompact. Each has a 1 round SCHERER finger extension, giving each magazine a 10 round capacity. Price is $20 each. Please text me at 508-688-9297 if interested...
  2. Squibs in my PPK

    Yes, that is what I have in the PPK now.
  3. Squibs in my PPK

    Thanks to everyone for the advice. I’m thinking the slide is unlocking early, before the pressure drops to a safe level, due to the recoil spring. I’m going to try a new factory spring and stick with domestic ammo in the future.
  4. Squibs in my PPK

    I need some advice regarding my pistol. Thank you in advance for your help. Some years ago, I bought a new Smith & Wesson-made PPK in .32 ACP. The recoil spring seemed overly stiff. I couldn’t remove the slide without using the edge of a table, and pushing down hard. The gun was mostly a safe...
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