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  1. I was on the Infowars Nightly News...Take that all you AJ Haters!!

    Wow. Great video. Sent from my handheld electronic thingamabob.
  2. Mass man buy in NH

    You can buy long guns too, just make sure they get massified as necessary.
  3. Looking to escape from Assachusetts!

    We moved to Windham 3 months ago. So far we like it. It is a bit moon-batty, but that doesn't stop me from poppin' off a few rounds now and then. Can't comment on the schools since my kids are 18+. Folks at the town office are really helpful when it comes to getting your car registration and...
  4. Thinking About Joining Londonderry Fish and Game

    The large stuffed animals part seems like they stuck that in there to see if you're paying attention. lol.
  5. Good AK?

    You can have Stateline Guns Ammo & Archery (Plaistow) order it and they will massify it for you. This is where I got my PAP.
  6. PSL build starting

    sweet! so you're gonna have an underbarrel BP cannon on that PSL?
  7. Thinking About Joining Londonderry Fish and Game

    thanks for the reply dropride...what do you mean, "do whatever they want"??
  8. Thinking About Joining Londonderry Fish and Game

    I moved out of MA to NH 2 months ago and I’m looking to join a club. I was a member of Haverhill but it’s too far and now a bit crippled (sadly). I’m about equal distance from Pelham and Londonderry, and I’m leaning towards Londonderry because it seems to be pretty low key and easy to join...
  9. What do they mean when the say:

    It's a bold face lie. Nothing else. Sent from my handheld electronic thingamabob.
  10. New Acquisitions for April 2013

    To celebrate moving to NH this past weekend I just ordered up a couple 33-round Glock mags. That felt good.
  11. SHTF Vehicle of Choice?

    When the fuel is gone bicycles are going to be in big demand.
  12. to cheer everyone up

    #4 wins..thank you!
  13. Moving from MA to NH: A Few Questions

    LOL...unfortunately I don't skate. We were not looking for a house with a pool, but we found THE house/property combo we were looking for and it happened to have a pool. Had a pool before and I personally think they're more work than they're worth, but I'll live. [grin] - - - Updated - - - I...
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