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  1. AR-15 thread... I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

    My most recent addition.
  2. Opinion: I think Massachusetts is going to conduct an anti-gun overreach resulting in non compliance and nullification

    I remember. But that was Watertown. Trying that shit where the houses aren’t that close together won’t fly. Slightly unrelated anecdote: My neighbor across the street is a 70yo woman that lives alone. A car went off the road into her side yard. She called 911 and as the first cruiser got...
  3. Let’s see your conceal carry holsters

    MK Tek for me as well. He’ll spend as much time as you need to set up a combination that works for you. He said my clip/strap preference is unusual, but that gun and holster take a beating and stay put. Not sure where you are, but he’s in Rockland MA.
  4. CZ Scorpion Bullpup?

    I got it online at the end of December. Centerfire something I think.
  5. CZ Scorpion Bullpup?

    Scorpions don’t have the best triggers. I had already installed an HBI trigger in it that helped, but its no Shadow. I don’t have high expectations for the bull pup trigger. Most bull pups have meh triggers anyway as they need some kind of linkage to connect the shoe to the action. I liked how...
  6. CZ Scorpion Bullpup?

    I bought one. And yes, I swapped the grip out (the angle was as uncomfortable as it looked). Ironically, I haven’t put any rounds through it yet.
  7. Monument Beach Sportsman Club

    Great club, I’ve shot there quite a bit. I’m not a member, but I think the process to join is involved.
  8. Milsurp Parts

    Are there any shops in MA that specialize in milsurp rifles and parts? Maybe a gunsmith that builds rifles and has stockpiles of parts? I have a couple acquaintances like this, but I’d like to expand my “network” when starting new projects.
  9. Punished for being a hero (almost).

    I’m stealing this. It’s more eloquent than my usual “rules are for children”
  10. My first carbine

    I got a little bored with mine.
  11. Roadkill

    There are plenty of hunters that lop the legs off to lighten the load they need to haul out.
  12. Military Sidearm Winter Shoot

    The only iffy one for me was the one to the right of the 10 ring.
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