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  1. DNR patient given CPR TWICE and shocked as well

    I knew a RN who wanted DNR tattooed on her chest. She was asked by the tattoo artist what the letters stood for, after her explanation, he refused to give her the tat.

    I just got the same call!
  3. All set, thanks! Good gunsmith

    I'll second Dave Santuri. He did several jobs for me including some milling on a revolver barrel. He's a great guy and skilled machinist.
  4. Can you identify this creature in my driveway?

    My vote is someone got a black magic curse going on you.
  5. WINNERS PICKED 26 FEB 2020 / 3 One Year Green Membership Karma...

    "gasaman" Yes I Want To Go Green!!!
  6. Pembroke car crash

    The POS drunk/drugged driver should get a life sentence with no chance of ever being released. My simpathy to the OP, the victims and their families and friends. So sad....
  7. Winter Crate Project

    Personally I would be using a couple more substantial straps to hold the crate on, loose those silly rubber band bungees.
  8. Pistol Rack Karma

  9. NES membership karma.

  10. This wolfman has retired.

    Good luck on your move! Congrats on retirement!!!
  11. West Bridgewater: “Home struck from stray rifle round four individuals questioned”

    Wasn’t Fonzie’s originally on rt 28? That douche now has a shop in Meredith NH.
  12. Gas appliances hookup?

    Call a licensed plumber....
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