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  1. New member here!

    Enjoy your time here, it's obviously one of those fly by night gun groups, here today, gone tomorrow and everyone of us has never uttered a bad word against another member! [rofl]. A bunch of nut busters but we mean well!
  2. Deals and steals

  3. "Police proud of their bust" megathread

    One less scallywag that won' be robbing any gentleman travelers, with any luck he will be hanged and body put in the gibbet.
  4. ID Ammo Box?

    Ca. 1942, M2, the first metal ammunition container The steel M2 Ammunition Can / Box was adopted 21 September 1942 for .50 caliber machine gun ammunition, replacing the M17 .50 cal. ammunition chest and other earlier containers. The M2 ammo can was designed to hold link belts of 105 cartridges...
  5. What's the most you've spent on a single firearm?

    According to my wife, every one .
  6. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    Her beach pictures are something to see, sometimes those beach umbrellas are a pain.
  7. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    The online out would be if they had a clause in the ad stating that they would cancel a deal if a better offer came in. Personally I would honor whatever agreement I made. I sold a bunch of stripper clips on Ebay and the package was wrecked in shipping, I refunded the money because it wasn't...
  8. PSA: Honor your WTS deal too much to ask?

    A true shit move on the seller's part. I'm curious to know how long they have been a member.
  9. Four States in Northeast US Sign Pact to Share Data on Guns

    I'm sure it will be data on legally owned firearms, the ones possessed by Dint Do Nuffin won't be reported, it would be racist.
  10. Mass guys with LTC's... do you carry .45 or 9mm?

    I regret selling my 686 and 65 2.5 years ago. I was doing the one in, one out policy. For all you new gun owners just bite the bullet and keep every gun you buy or you will have sellers remorse.
  11. Another Linsky special: H.2486 all approved safety courses include live-fire training MA

    His brother was a math teacher in Natick, I wonder if he taught liberal math?
  12. Your ammo worries are over.

    The 1st time I saw that ad I wondered what type of mental defective would fall for that. If I'm buying precious metals I want the physical item in my hand. We have enough pretend currency with the fed.
  13. Your ammo worries are over.

    When it comes time for you to get your ammo shipped...
  14. Milton firefighter shot in Quincy in alleged road rage attack

    I had a local lawyer once tell me that he wasn't paid for what he knew, he was paid for who he knew.
  15. New York State Rifle & Pistol Association, Inc., et al. v. Corlett

    That's funny, almost like saying Chicago is a safe city. If more citizens carried guns I would think bad players would give a 2nd thought to robbing someone therefore making NY a safer place.
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